Target Printable Coupon Info

Target recently implemented a new system for their printable coupons. You can view this new system and print your coupons here.

From what I understand, here is how the change will impact us:

* We will no longer be able to use “coupon generators” on forum websites

* We will be limited to printing 2 coupons per computer (in some cases 1)

* We will not know the expiration date or if the coupon is a manufacturer’s or Target coupon until we print the coupon

* To my knowledge, we will no longer be able to print coupons from the Target kiosks

* We will not know if we have reached the print limit on a coupon until we print it (a “print limit reached” message will print instead of the coupon)

Target has published a new FAQ page in response to their new printing system here.

I will do my best each week to alert you to which coupons are manufacturer’s vs. store and their expiration date. I know that this will come as a disappointment to many (myself included), but I can see Target’s point of view on this as well. I’m choosing to be thankful that Target is still offering printable coupons, and I’m hopeful that we’ll still be able to score great deals there each week.

View Target’s Coupon Policy here.

View Target’s Price Matching Policy here.

View a complete list of sale and coupon match ups at Target here.