Q: Does Target accept coupons?

A: Target accepts up to 1 manufacturer’s and 1 Target coupon per item (when applicable). View Target’s coupon policy here.

Q: Does Target accept Super Target coupons?

A: Yes, Target will accept Super Target coupons as long as they sell the item listed on the coupon.

Q: Does Target price match?

A:Yes, but some restrictions apply – especially if you are using coupons. View Target’s price matching policy here.

Q: Why do the prices at my store vary from the prices listed in your weekly sale and coupon match ups?

A: Target is a national chain store, and prices vary by location (even within the same city). I use a Central Ohio ad when compiling my list of deals each week. Please refer to your local ad for prices in your area, and know that the prices listed in my weekly posts should serve as a guideline only.

Q: I tried to use my coupons as listed in your weekly sale and coupon match ups and my store wouldn’t accept them. What did I do wrong?

A: Chances are, you did nothing wrong. Unfortunately not all cashiers and stores are on the same page when it comes to Target’s corporate coupon policy. My recommendation is that you print a copy of Target’s coupon policy and take it with you to the store, in the event that you have an issue redeeming your coupons.

Q: What if I have a question about Target that wasn’t answered here?

A: Visit if you have a question that wasn’t answered here. Learn more about Target as a company here.