52 Week Christmas Savings Challenge

52 week christmas savings challenge

I have been seeing a 52 Week Money Savings Challenge going around Facebook, and I thought it might be fun to put together a chart of my own! The concept is simple – deposit a set amount of money in your savings account each week and watch it grow. This chart does not depict any interest that you’ll earn since that varies by bank, but it gives you a nice idea of how quickly small amounts of money can add up!

I decided to switch my list up a bit and reverse the numbers. My theory is, many of us receive at least a little bit of cash each Christmas as a gift, so why not start with the larger deposits and go down from there? That way you’ll get excited about your savings balance, plus the challenge will get LESS painful as time goes on. :-)

I named my sheet the “52 Christmas Savings Challenge” because I’m a firm believer in setting money aside for Christmas expenses throughout the year. I have saved myself from the dreaded credit card hangover that comes for many in January, and I would love for you to be able to do the same! If you do not celebrate Christmas or want to use the savings for something else, this concept will still work, just rename the spreadsheet.

I plan to start “Week 1” the first week of January, so Christmas would hit during week 51 (and I should have $1377+!). But you could start this anytime that you want – whatever works best for you and your budget.52 christmas savings challenge

Download the 52 Week Christmas Savings Challenge PDF here. Download the 52 Week Christmas Savings Challenge Excel file here.

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