6 Fun Activities for You and Your Dog

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6 Activities to Do with Your Dog

6 Fun Activities for You and Your Dog

There’s more to life for you and your pet than just going for walks. If you’re uncertain about where to start, however, then you’re in the right place. Read on and you’ll find some great activities that you and your canine can do… together!

1. Hiking

Hiking with your dog is an excellent way to break the routine without coming all the way out of your comfort zone. In the end, there are few things our dogs enjoy more than just spending outdoors time with us, and hikes can prolong it.

Depending on the fitness level of your dog, you may be able to go on extended hikes and even have them pack some of their own gear. There are a bunch of harnesses that distribute weight and have pouches so your dog can help with the burden.

Just be aware of ticks, depending on where you hike, and make sure you slowly work up to the bigger stuff. You’re sure to have a great time!

2. Scavenger Hunt

You can set up scavenger hunts for your dog. Since they use their nose to detect things primarily, you can drag a treat around the house and yard while they’re in the other room and set them loose. If you’re particularly handy, there are even some tasty but not common ingredients to include like leftover juicer pulp.

It’s a quick and easy way to spend some time together and get creative. Add in a puzzle toy at the end, and you’ve got hours of fun ahead for the both of you.

Bonus points if you pull it off at a local park or another outdoor locale. It’s always good to see new things!

3. Swimming

Depending on the breed of your dog, you two may be able to enjoy a good swim together. Lakes are, of course, generally much more accepting of a water-bound dog than the local YMCA pool.

That said, some breeds just aren’t suited for water. Most small breeds and any dog with a short nose or legs, like Dachshund and Pugs, are right out.

On the other hand, poodles, labs, and many other dogs that were bred for waterfowl retrieving take to it with amazing speed. Take your dog out and have a good time! There’s nothing quite as much fun as swimming with your furry friend.

4. Doga

If you’re into yoga, then you might be surprised to know that people have begun to incorporate their pets into their routines. There are many different ways that people go about it, but every case is unique.

Whether it’s using a larger dog for a bit of extra support for a pose, adding a small dog for resistance, or even just letting the dog mill about while you do your routine… there’s something suitable for every pet owner and their companion.

It’s common enough to be called “Doga” at this point, so why not give this outlandish idea a thought?

5. Agility Trials

Training your dog can be fun and give them a good workout. If you have an intelligent, energetic breed then you may want to look into creating a small agility course for them. You don’t have to be competing in dog shows to create a challenge!

It doesn’t have to be an expensive, formal affair. You can create an obstacle course at home, PVC pipe and scrap wood are often enough if you have a bit of DIY skills at your disposal.

From there it’s just a matter of moving it into the backyard and teaching your dog how to do what it was born to: run, jump, and generally use their muscles to navigate the environment around them.

6. Formal Training

Even the best-mannered mutt can learn from some formal obedience training. If you’re going to be spending more time together, especially out of the house, then it’s important that the dog minds you.

Find a good training class near your home that operates in hours you’re okay with. A good trainer can get your dog’s quirks and stubbornness ironed right out. It’s particularly valuable for dog breeds that are smart and stubborn. Basset hounds and pugs are two infamous examples.

And from there, some breeds of dogs can be taught a whole lot more than “shake” and “rollover.” Indeed, advanced tricks, like opening doors or finding your keys, are easily taught to dogs on the high end of the intelligence scale.

Ready to Start?

Is there anything more fun than spending time with your dog? We don’t think so, and if you’re short on ideas then we hope that the above is enough to get you started. When it comes down to it, it’s hard not to have a ton of fun with your dog. The real question now is this: what are you planning on doing with your canine first?

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