My Amazon Purchases of the Week – SAVE 50% on Amazon FireStick + 3 for 2 Books!

by Marcy on March 26, 2020 · 0 comments

Since the majority of us are stuck (sheltering) at home, and I’m guessing that many of us are ordering things online, I thought it would be fun (i.e. a good distraction) to share some of the items I have bought online this week! Some are necessities and some are silly…not going to lie! Plus I did snag a couple of good deals, so I want to share those too. So….here we go!

My Amazon Purchases of the Week – SAVE 50% on Amazon FireStick + 3 for 2 Books!

First up are these Simple Micellar Face Wipes – 6 pk. We have 3 girls in our house and go through an alarming amount of these. Buying in bulk on Amazon has been the best deal I have found on them.

Next up was this Oriole Bird Feeder. Bare with me – I’m going to sound like a total dork for a few minutes. When we bought our house 9 years ago, I was surprised to find that a pair of Orioles visited every spring. I knew because they would peck at my windows incessantly. I had never seen an Oriole before and thought that their bright orange feathers were beautiful. They visited our house around the same time every year for several years, and then one year they stopped. So…because I have time on my hands I decided to attempt to attract a new pair of Orioles to my house. It remains to be seen whether I will be successful (I could end up with more raccoons), but time will tell! For now, it gives the kids and I something to look at when we are in the kitchen.

Speaking of kids, I finally caved and ordered Disney+. I quickly realized that our TVs are too old to enjoy Disney+, which kind of defeats the purpose, right?! So…after some research I decided to purchase an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device. I dreaded spending the extra money, but was super excited to find that I could get the price down to $25 (from $50) with the coupon code listed on Amazon! Fingers crossed that it is easy to set up because I am so excited about watching movies on Disney+! Do you have any “must watch” shows for me? Let me know in the comments below!

Next up is more kid related stuff! My youngest daughter HATES to read, which hurts my book loving heart. She did recently admit that she enjoys graphic novels, so when I saw a 3 for the Price of 2 book deal on Amazon I decided to order a couple of books for her daily “read to self” time. Here are the 3 books I chose (Little Women is for ME to read aloud to her – and for my oldest). It’s a sale worth checking out if you need some new reading material for your kiddos!

I am a little obsessive when it comes to being out of things…even when we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic. My husband teases me about it all of the time, but I am still someone who buys 10 of something if it is on sale (NO, I am not a hoarder! I only do this for select items and only on things that we use). It is from years of blogging here and knowing the lowest prices on the things that I buy. I would rather buy things when I find a good deal than buy them when I HAVE to, because ultimately I’m going to end up spending more money. Anyway…the pandemic is teaching me that for now, some items have to be purchased when I can find them, and one of those items is Paper Towels. Now I know that I absolutely do not need to have paper towels. If I run out of paper towels it will be ok! However, it doesn’t stop me from checking online throughout the day to see if I can find paper towels in stock somewhere. And yesterday, lo and behold I found these Bounty Paper Towels in stock on Amazon. I paid $2/roll and I usually aim for $1-ish/roll, but oh well. I see that this item is already out of stock again (while I am writing this post), but I share this to let you know that if you check for Lysol, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels etc… randomly throughout the day at various retailers there is still a chance that you can snag something that you need that way.

And finally, I’ll round out my list of Amazon purchases for this week with this ProsourceFit Core Balance Disc Trainer. My youngest daughter is a hockey player, and she is one of those kids who has to be active every day. I saw a video on Facebook of a hockey drill using one of these discs, so I decided to get one for her. My husband and I use these when we go to the gym, so I figured we would get some use out of it at home too. They come in a variety of colors, and there are so many great exercises you can do with them.

WHEW! I feel mildly embarrassed sharing all of that with you, but it is what it is! Some of my purchases were anxiety driven, some were boredom driven, and some were necessity driven. I’m human, what can I say?!

What are YOU buying online right now?

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