Meijer mPerks Tips & Tricks for New Users

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Meijer mPerks Tips & Tricks for New Users

Are you new to the Meijer mPerks platform? Getting used to mPerks doesn’t need to be hard. I wanted to share some mPerks tips and tricks for new users. With these tips, you’ll have the confidence you need to make shopping at Meijer super easy!

1. Signing up is easy: You can check out my guide to signing up for mPerks. It is simple and only takes a few minutes. I never knew saving money could be so easy, did you? Okay, maybe I did have a clue… ;-)

2. You cannot double mPerks: To let you know this right up front, you cannot double mPerks. Sad, but true! If you look online at the coupons available from Meijer, most of them are actual coupons from the manufacturer. The good news is, I have found that I am able to use plenty of my paper coupons for the items that I am buying that I can’t find mPerks coupons for. The savings adds up fast!

meijer mperks

3. Look for deals daily or weekly – they’ll be personalized to you!: The cool thing about mPerks is that you can save money with it, which is why I am always checking my mPerks account. If you look often enough, you will notice that there are mPerks that apply to just you. I love finding special offers in my account, for items that I regularly buy!

4. Keep an eye on the Meijer pharmacy: Just like any good company with a pharmacy, you can get rewards by using your mPerks card. Try to pay close attention to these types of rewards. You may even get rewarded for bringing your prescriptions over to Meijer. Make sure you pay attention to the reward going on at the time.

5. Utilize your one mPerks account: Stick to one mPerks account to make sure you’re getting your hands on all of the savings! Like most things, the longer you use your mPerks, the more rewards you may have available to you. If you are competitive, you’ll love working toward earning rewards – like this one that I just found when I logged in to my account:

meijer mperks rewards

6. Pay attention to the terms and conditions: Yes, this is one of the most important things to keep in mind as a new mPerks user. Pay attention to how many times you can use an mPerks offer! Keep in mind that some perks can also be used several times, which is why paying attention is one of the best tools you can use.

While these may seem like 6 simple tips, they can help to make your mPerks experience even better. Remember if you ever have questions, you can check out the Meijer mPerks FAQ page, they answer just about any question you can think of there.

Are there any tips you can offer newbies to the world of mPerks?

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