Camping Must Haves for Less

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camping must haves for less

Camping Must Haves for Less


I can count the number of times I have slept in a tent on one hand, yet I am married to a man who would go camping every weekend if he could. My kids are starting to join him in pleading with me to go camping. And yet, I resist. Part of the reason is bugs. And bears. And heat. Shall I go on? Not to mention I worry about the expense. If we are going to go camping, I need to find all of my camping must haves for less. Because I’m thinking I’m going to need a lot of supplies if I want to maintain some level of comfort. Right?! ;-)

Ok, I am kidding a little bit.

I’m not a total wimp – I have volunteered at Girl Scouts day camp, spent lots of time in our local parks hiking the trails, and could make a meal over a campfire if needed. I might even be able to start a campfire on my own if hard pressed. I think my main reason for hesitating is the planning. And supply gathering. And worrying that I’ll find myself in the middle of nowhere without some essential tool.

Thankfully, the folks at Walmart have got my back! Not only do they offer a large variety of camping gear, they appear to offer products that ensure that I will be able to camp in comfort and style.

The Camping Checklist Collection is full of practical, colorful camping must haves that are making me excited to try camping. For real.

walmart camping gear

For example, check out this Ozark Trail 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent. It comes in Orange/Tan or Navy/Tan and is the perfect size for my family of four. I’m thinking we might even have a bit of extra room. At less than $150, this tent won’t break the bank either.

walmart camping gear

I tease my husband all of the time that I will only camp if we are in an RV, but honestly, if I had this Intex Queen 2-in-1 Guest Airbed, I would be totally fine. At less than $20 this mattress is a steal in my opinion, and would be useful to have on hand at home for guests as well. We actually already have a twin Intex Airbed that I purchased for my oldest daughter for Girl Scout camp, and we loved how easy it is to inflate.

walmart camping must haves

I could take my camping to the next level (glamping?!) with this Whetstone 2-in-1 Tent LED Camping Ceiling Fan. You guys. Whoever invented this thing is a genius! It is so hard to sleep when the air is still and it is hot. Not to mention…the air inside a zipped up tent can get a bit…shall we say, stale? Plus it has lights! LED lights that will burn for up to 37 hours on a set of batteries. This camping ceiling fan is under $20 and I’m adding it to my list of camping must haves for less.

Now that I have spent some time perusing the The Camping Checklist Collection on, I have to say I’m feeling inspired to gather some cute, colorful supplies and go camping. That Ozark Trail Oversized Mesh Chair seen above comes in pink, purple, turquoise… And that Rayovac Value Bright 9 LED UV Flashlight (also seen above)? Love it! You can never have enough chairs or flashlights…right?!

Don’t just take my word for it, check out The Camping Checklist Collection at Walmart today, and let me know what is on your camping must have list!

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