Spray Paint Your Light Fixtures and Save BIG

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spray paint your light fixtures and save big

Spray Paint Your Light Fixtures and Save BIG

My husband is super handy when it comes to house/DIY projects, and I am infinitely grateful. Sometimes I think that being a work at home mom makes me even more aware of the things in our house that I want to change, because I spend so much time in it!

Our current home is 10 years old this fall, and we have been making updates to it constantly since we moved in 4 years ago. Most of our updates have been upgrades or “fixes”, but as we near the 10 year mark, some of them are an effort to make things look less dated. When we built our first house in 2001, brushed nickel hardware and light fixtures were all the rage. We were able to upgrade all of our major fixtures with the build, with the exception of the door hardware which was brass. It really didn’t bother me much – probably because we were busy doing other upgrades and having babies on our 10 years living there. ;-)

When we bought our current house in 2011, it was outfitted with brushed nickel light fixtures as well – and an added bonus was that all of our doors had brushed nickel hinges and lever door knobs. I was totally happy with this, so we set our sights on making other changes to the house.

Within the last year I have decided that I want to switch everything out to bronze. (I hesitate to say oil rubbed bronze because I have found that some “oil rubbed bronze” is more black with gold accents. I haven’t taken the time to google the difference). I hated the lighting in our kitchen, so I was excited when I scored these light fixtures at the Ballard Designs Outlet near Cincinnati for a STEAL:

ballard design outlet lights

An added bonus with these particular lights is that you can purchase adapters to plug these in to already existing canned lights – which is what we did above our kitchen sink. I love them!

Once I saw how nice the darker finish looked in our house, I knew that’s the direction I wanted to go. I scored 2 bronze light fixtures on my local buy/sell/trade Facebook group for a steal (and was able to sell my nickel fixtures to offset the cost), but lately nothing much has been popping up in that group, and I was getting impatient to finish the project.

When a friend recommended this Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint  I decided to give it a try. (The Amazon price seems a bit high, I’m pretty sure I purchased it at Lowe’s for less than $10). Also, when I say “I”, I mean my husband, because I’m good at coming up with the ideas, but not so good at implementing them!

Anyway, last weekend my husband tried this spray paint out on the 2 lights I bought for our upstairs hallway (that ended up being more black/gold than I wanted), and it worked like a charm! So today I asked him to take down our front foyer light and spray paint it.

Here is the in progress:

how to paint your light fixtures with spray paintGetting to this point was pretty simple. My husband shut off the electricity, took the light fixture down, I cleaned it with a wet paper towel because it was dusty, and we waited for it to dry. Then he took it to a well ventilated area (our garage) and applied two coats of spray paint to the fixture. Once it was dry (about an hour) he re-hung the fixture, and I could not be happier!

I have had this light in my Amazon shopping cart for months now:

amazon light fixtures

Craftmade X224-OB Bowl Semi-Flush Mount Light with Alabaster Swirl Glass Shades, Bronze Finish

At $89 I have been hesitant to make the purchase with everything else that we have been spending money on lately (around the house).

I estimate we just saved ourselves $80 for an hour and half worth of effort!

Here is the final result:

before after spray paint light fixture

These pictures aren’t the best, but I LOVE it! The new finish fits in with our decor so much better.

Nothing in our house is safe now! Door hinges, knobs, more light fixtures, towel bars and toilet paper holders await. ;-)

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