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by Marcy on April 17, 2015 · 0 comments

selfie stick deals

Maybe it’s my age, but sometimes I think that we have lost our minds as a society. Case in point – the selfie stick. While I can understand the usefulness of such a thing in some cases (especially for businesses or for documenting an amazing trip/vacation), I have got to say that if I saw a bunch of people walking around using selfie sticks to take pictures of themselves doing everyday things, I would have to resist the urge to laugh. Or roll my eyes. Or something! Is this already a thing and I’m just super un-observant?! I really shouldn’t judge, I have 2 young daughters, and they might be asking for a selfie stick of their very own some day soon. (yikes) If you are a selfie stick lover I really hope I’m not offending you…I’m just getting a kick out of this whole thing, that’s all!

What do you think about selfie sticks? Am I being really un-cool and old right now? ;-)

In my selfie stick “research” I found what appear to be some really good markdowns on selfie sticks. So if you have been coveting one, here are a few deals that you might want to check out!
selfie stick deals

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