How To Make a Wooden Snowman

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how to make an easy wooden snowman

How to Make a Wooden Snowman

I was out of town recently, and mentioned to my husband that I had seen a picture of snowmen made out of logs and I wanted him to make me one. Well, my 16 year old son was listening, and when I got home I had the best Christmas present ever waiting on my front porch. He spent a couple of hours making me this adorable snowman, and I love it!

This is a great, DIY project that you can involve your kids in. And who wouldn’t love a fun, rustic gift like this?! It’s super easy on the budget too.

Here is how he made it:

  • First he found 3 logs of various diameters, but about the same length.  We have a lot of wood in our yard from taking down trees, so this was a fairly easy task.
  • Next he used a crow bar to remove the bark.
  • Then he used an axe to flatten out 2 sides of each log so that it would sit steady on the porch and so they would stack nicely.  Place the largest log on the bottom and the smallest on the top.  Mine are not attached, but if you wanted something permanent you could screw the logs together.
  • He then drilled holes in the side of the middle log and found 2 short branches to stick in for the arms.
  • He made a red bow and stapled it to the front and topped it with a Santa hat.

Now that Christmas is over I have already changed the bow to a scarf for a more wintery and not holiday look:

how to make a wooden snowman

I think you could dress up a snowman like this to be just about anything you wanted and it would be cute! I would like to glue on some acorns for eyes and add a carrot for a nose, but I think the chipmunks and squirrels would just steal them.  Plus I think he is just cute as can be the way he is.

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