Greenix Pest Control Review + a Giveaway #spon

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greenix pest control review

Greenix Pest Control Review

Note: This post is for readers living in Central and Southern Ohio.

When we moved into our current home a little over 3 years ago, we moved from one side of the neighborhood to the other. Only 1.2 miles separate our first house from our new one, however these houses could not be more different! Our first house was located on dry lot that had a small border of trees at the back and then a parking lot. We had very little to no bugs, and no rodents.

Our current home is located on a lot that has a tendency to be wet, and we have a patch of woods about 30 feet from our house at the back of the lot that are home to all sorts of creatures. We had been homeowners for 10 years when we bought our current home, yet this small change in topography presented us with all kinds of new challenges. In addition to carpenter ants and mice, we saw an abundance of spiders and mosquitoes. That’s in addition to squirrels, chipmunks, racoons, coytoes, snakes, and rabbits! Did I mention we live in the suburbs?!

After we spotted the first (of what became many) carpenter ants indoors, I knew that we needed to take action. We immediately hired a pest control company and they serviced our home for one year. I remember being horrified when they (another Ohio pest control company) came for our first treatment and sprayed the border of my kitchen floor – INSIDE THE HOUSE. At the time, my youngest daughter was 1.5, and I was not a fan.

After our 1 year contract was up, the folks from Greenix Pest Control came to my door and offered one quarter of free service for switching to their company. Plus their quarterly rate was cheaper than what I had been paying. By this time our carpenter ant problem was under control (window caulking seemed to aid in this), but we were still experiencing the occasional mouse, and OH MY were the spiders making a mess on my white siding.

Greenix intrigued me because they claim to be more environmentally friendly than other pest control companies. With two young children and a small dog in my house, this was super important to me.

Here is a blurb about Greenix from their website:

Greenix Pest Control is a leading provider of environmentally friendly pest control and animal management in central and southern Ohio. We specialize in the latest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to rid residential and commercial properties of pests.

As a practitioner of IPM methods, we use only the necessary amount of products to rid homeowners of their pests. Our goal is to manage pests while simultaneously increasing sustainability while changing and growing as a company to meet the demands of our ever-changing world.

Greenix offers both pest and animal control services.

Personally, I have had a great experience with Greenix Pest Control. The technicians who have visited my home have always been courteous and knowledgeable, going the extra mile to explain their methods to me and how the pests we have issues with act. For example, when we started experiencing more mice again recently, Greenix explained that it was likely due to the new house being built next to us (on formerly wooded land), and they provided us with extra traps (included in our service charge).

Greenix technicians always take extra care to clean/remove the spider webs that form on my porch and eaves of my house (although they have been greatly reduced from treatment). Recently one of the technicians explained to me that they were trying a new treatment that kept the spider webs from actually adhering to the treated areas…I’m a big fan!

Most of our bug and pest issues are under control at this point due to quarterly maintenance, but sometimes things pop up. This summer that “thing” was this huge hornets nest, located in our street tree right over our mailbox:

hornets nest

Because the nest was low and in an area where kids play and people park/exit their cars, we knew that we had to have it taken care of. I called the folks at Greenix Pest Control and they were out within days to take care of the issue. I kind of wish I had been here to watch them in action! Hornet’s nest removal did cost me extra, but they would have killed the hornets (and left the nest) at no additional charge. In fact, if you are ever dissatisfied or are still experiencing bug infestation etc… Greenix will come out for no additional charge to remedy the situation.

You can learn more about Greenix Pest Control and sign up for coupons and discounts here.

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Disclosure: I received free pest service in exchange for my honest review of Greenix Pest Control service. Opinions expressed here are strictly my own. View my disclosure policy here.

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