All I Want for Christmas is a Fitbit #spon

by Marcy on November 5, 2014 · 1 comment

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Some years I have a hard time coming up with a Christmas list of my own, but this year I seem to have WAY too many items that I am drooling over. One of my most coveted items is a Fitbit. All I want for Christmas is my very own Fitbit.

Fitbits have been around for awhile, and honestly I’m surprised that I haven’t bought one for myself yet. Several of my friends have one and many of them have lost weight from tracking their steps. I have been chronicling my (so far unsuccessful) battle to lost weight on my blog Marcy in Progress, and if you read my posts you’ll see that I am sporadic in my efforts.

For whatever reason, if I had to choose between eating less or working out more, I would choose working out more. Unfortunately, life gets crazy and workouts are the first thing to go when my schedule gets crazy. I feel like having a Fitbit on my wrist would be a constant reminder to get my butt up and moving – even if it is running up and down the stairs a couple of times per day. I feel like I would be more motivated if I had a daily step goal to reach. Competing with friends/sharing our daily steps might be a good motivator as well!

And because I know that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, maybe my time spent getting my daily steps in will be time that I’m NOT spending sitting on my butt eating extra calories?! Right?! :-)

Quite frankly, this time of year is when I am sitting the most – in front of my computer, typing up all of the Black Friday Ad Deals and other Holiday Deals that are not to be missed. My lower back is screaming at me and my pants are getting tighter. I’m stress eating Halloween candy and chugging coffee.

I posted this super scary picture of my blackened eyes on Instagram last year in the middle of the Black Friday rush:

black friday scary face

If I got a Fitbit for Christmas this year, I bet my face wouldn’t look so scary…because I would be taking regular breaks to get my steps in, thus lowering my stress levels AND helping me to sleep better.

See? I think I need a Fitbit for Christmas. Hopefully my husband is reading. ;-)

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Big or small, I would love to hear!

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1 Jennifer November 6, 2014 at 8:37 AM

I want a fitbit too!

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