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by Marcy on July 25, 2014 · 0 comments

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As the mom of two growing girls ages 4 and 8, life is busy – and getting busier by the year. I’m guessing that many of you can relate! Between soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, piano lessons, Girl Scouts and school activities, we are often on the go.

While I do my best to prepare as many snacks and meals at home as I can, the truth is, sometimes I don’t have the time, energy or desire. Thankfully I have found a few fast, nutritious options for meals and snacks on the go. One of my favorite places to go when we are in a rush is McDonald’s.

Every Monday night my 8 year old has gymnastics class. Her class starts about 30 minutes after I pick her up from the bus stop. We have a 10-15 minute drive, so there isn’t really enough time to take the kids home in between if I have any hope of getting her to class on time. (Although I will say the unloading/loading process is MUCH easier and faster now that my kids are getting older!) Sometimes I’ll pack a snack and bring it with me to the bus stop, but as a treat, I often take the girls through the drive thru at McDonald’s for a snack.

My 4 year old LOVES McDonald’s Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfaits and my 8 year old is a big fan of McDonald’s Smoothies. My go to pick me up is a large McDonald’s Iced Tea – half sweetened and half unsweetened. I forget who gave me that tip – but it’s my favorite on the go drink, especially during the summer months. It’s a tall glass of freshly brewed deliciousness!

I can feel good knowing that McDonald’s uses real fruit in their smoothies and parfaits, and my girls are happy with their sweet treats, so it’s a win-win for all of us! Not to mention our trips to McDonald’s are easy on my wallet. The Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait and Iced Tea are just $1 each, and a small smoothie is $2.50. That means I can grab a snack for 3 of us for less than $5! (prices vary by location)

On our hectic Mondays, taking the time out for our quick trip to McDonald’s for snacks is one of the highlights of my day. It’s quick, tasty, and affordable.

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