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ban total refresh cooling body cloths reviewAs a busy, work at home mom of two girls, I am always multitasking. I don’t know a mom who isn’t, honestly! My girls are 4 and 8 years old right now, and this was the first year where I had both girls in some form of school. That means that for the first time in a long time, I had regular, scheduled time to myself. I can’t tell you how precious those 9 hours per week were, and I did my best to make the most of that time. (Sadly the school year is coming to an end and my “alone” time will be limited until the fall, hence the past tense in these sentences!)

Typically my 9 hours per week were crammed with doctor’s appointments, errand running, blog work and gym time. I have been making an effort to step up my workouts this year, and I have been working hard to change my “all or nothing” mentality.  In the past, if I didn’t have a solid 1-2 hours to devote to working out and showering, then I didn’t want to do it. But I began to realize that I was limiting myself by having this mentality – and that it is ok to squeeze in 30 minutes on the elliptical at the gym in between a doctor’s appointment and picking my youngest up from preschool. That means that I do have to push vanity aside and accept the fact that people were going to see me in my sweaty gym clothes, with a beet red sweaty face and crazy hair. Although once I started looking around, I saw plenty of other people like me! ;-)

I can’t believe I’m sharing, but here is a picture of me post-workout at home, still looking kind of crazy, even after cooling off a bit.

ban total refresh cooling cloths product reviewOn the days where I have errands to run after a quick workout, I often found myself in the bathroom of my local gym quickly changing out of my sweaty clothes (most of the time) and swiping at myself with wet paper towels to cool down and clean up a bit. It wasn’t ideal, but better than nothing. When I was contacted to review Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths, I was pretty excited, because my routine could obviously use some improvement!

Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths are a first of their kind product, using proprietary PowderSilkTM technology imported exclusively from Japan. These wipes instantly cool skin on contact and leave  skin fresh thanks to a translucent, superfine powder that never leaves sticky residue.

I am super picky about beauty products because I have extremely sensitive skin. I typically only use unscented products, and in general limit the number of products that I use on my body. With all of that being said, I love Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths. Some products are too harsh, with overpowering scents, but Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths truly seem to deliver on their promise. I found the wipes to be easy to use, the scents were appealing and I definitely felt refreshed after using them. My skin feels soft and cool after use, and they are conveniently packaged to go with you anywhere! I was given one of each scent to review, and I have been keeping one pack in my car with my gym items, and one in each of the two purses that I carry most often.

ban total refresh cooling body cloths product reviewsI like that the packs are resealable so that the wipes don’t dry out – not that they will last long enough to dry out – because if you are like me you will find yourself using them all of the time! ;-)

The wipes are available in three light revitalizing scents: Enliven (fresh spring scent), Invigorate (soft clean scent) and Restore (light powder scent). So far, I have to say that my favorite is Invigorate – but I honestly like all three!

Ban® Total Refresh™ Cooling Body Cloths are typically available and drug and grocery stores nationwide, but as of this posting they are sold out everywhere and are currently available on eBay. You can find out more about this awesome product on their website or Facebook.

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