Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

by Marcy on March 5, 2014 · 6 comments

disney frozen birthday party ideas

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas

Recently we had a Disney Frozen Birthday Party for my 8 year old, and I had no idea when I agreed to this theme how difficult it would be to find Disney Frozen Party Supplies! Thankfully with the help of Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon and a local party shop I was able to pull a cute party together. I should mention that the images you are about to see do not depict professional party planning skills. However if you are looking for realistic ideas on how to host your very own Disney Frozen Birthday Party (with limited skills), this is the post for you! :-)

Disney Frozen Birthday Cake

First up is the Disney Frozen Birthday Cake. Every party needs a cake, and in recent years my husband an I have been teaming up on making cakes for our kids. We enjoy it, I think that they taste better, and the kids get a kick out of it. I’m the one who does the baking, the general planning and purchasing of supplies. My husband is the one who actually implements, because I have ZERO patience for such things. Now our icing is never perfectly smooth, and our cakes aren’t showroom worthy, but I’m pretty happy with how they turn out. And did I mention they taste yummy?! disney frozen birthday cake idea
To make this Disney Frozen Birthday Cake, I started by ordering this Disney Frozen Exclusive 6-Piece PVC Figure Play Set. This also doubled as part of my daughter’s birthday gift.

Here are the other supplies that we used to decorate the cake:

You can use any cake recipe (or box) that you want for your cake, but I used the Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet cake for the bottom layer and a Duncan Hines Classic White Cake Mix for the top layer. If I had to do it over again I would either use a smaller cake pan for the bottom or make a double batch of cake so that the bottom layer was a bit taller.

I used my Buttercream Icing Recipe. This was my first time ever using fondant and I loved it! It was super easy to roll out and cut with the cookie cutters, and I like using this better than trying to free-hand writing on the cake.

Disney Frozen Water Bottle Labels

Disney Frozen Water Bottle Labels

Because I wasn’t able to find Disney Frozen Licensed Birthday Party supplies (plates, cups etc…) I decided to purchase Disney Frozen Water Bottle Labels on Etsy. I spent $2.99 on the digital file, printed the images out on white card stock that I always have on hand, cut the labels out and used a glue stick to attach them to my (ALDI!) water bottles. I put a small piece of scotch tape at the seam as an extra reinforcement. This project was way simpler than I thought it would be, and I love how it turned out!

Disney Frozen Birthday Banner

disney frozen diy birthday banner

I am not one to want to mess with making my own birthday banner, but I waited until the last minute to order one on Etsy. Plus it can get pricey to order pre-made ones, so I decided to pay $5 for a Disney Frozen Birthday Banner Digital File. The file that I bought also included letters to print out my daughter’s name, but I opted not to do that to save myself time.

I went to Michaels (with my coupon!) and found this awesome blue ribbon that reminded me of Elsa’s dress. I printed the birthday banner on white card stock and cut it out. I then had my (patient) husband cut slits on either side of each pennant with an exacto knife, which he then slid the ribbon through. I am super happy with how this project turned out, and I already have the banner loaned out to a friend for her daughter’s Frozen party that is coming up! :-) I wish that I could have snagged a better photo of the banner, but this was the best I could do. Hopefully you get the idea!

Disney Frozen Party Table Decor

disney frozen party table decor

I had NO idea what I was going to do for balloons and/or centerpieces for this party. They aren’t a necessity, but my kids are still young enough that they love balloons, so I like to include them when I can. Luckily I stopped in to my local party shop and found that they  make custom centerpieces that you can rent. For $9.75 I rented 2 mason jars and decorative lids filled with gum balls, 6 balloons and 6 sticks to place the balloons on. I thought this was a great price, and loved what they added to the party. If you want to make these yourself it would be super easy. I am seeing decorative mason jar lids at craft stores and online right now, and you can find gumballs at Party Supply or Candy Stores. frozen party table decor
Another cute touch to the food table was these snowflake pails. I borrowed these from a friend who found them at Target several years ago. It might be difficult to find something like this right now, but I would check goodwill or the dollar store for something similar.

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Food

disney frozen birthday party food

Finally…the party food! I didn’t get too crazy creative here. There are tons of great ideas on Pinterest, but at the end of the day I waited to long to pull some of these things together, so I didn’t get too fancy.

I did use a small cookie cutter to cut out squares of cheese (Market Pantry from Target) to put on the snowflake Ritz Crackers that I grabbed in January before they were all gone. My cutter looks like more of a flower, which I didn’t realize until the day of the party. The snowflake cutter that I used for the cake was too large for my crackers, but you could certainly use the same cutter for both if it is the right size. I also had a small bowl of white chocolate pretzels that went with the theme well.

I ended up having snacks and ordering pizza, and honestly? It was great. Simple, easy and I’m pretty sure no one left hungry. :-)

And there you have it – our Disney Frozen Birthday Party. I hope that this post gave you a few ideas for your own Disney Frozen Birthday Party! I may be hosting another one for my soon to be 4 year old in May. If so, there is sure to be new pictures and a different spin on the food and decor. :-)

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1 Jennifer March 6, 2014 at 8:08 AM

wow! I am super impressed with your creativity. What a fun party!

2 Nina March 30, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Where do I find the digital files for snowman water bottles?

3 Marcy March 30, 2014 at 5:31 PM

@Nina, I bought these, but you can find others on etsy too: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182616451/instant-download-frozen-water-bottle?ref=sr_gallery_2&sref=sr_aba2beab4b2cda0a217039887beec03d502185572782a30f87b28dc560a9c978_1396214669_14991757_water_bottle&sref2=MTgyNjE2NDUx%3Ad2F0ZXJfYm90dGxl%3AMTQ5OTE3NTc.%3Ab2xhZiB3YXRlciBib3R0bGUgbGFiZWxz%3AdzE.%3AMTM5NjIxNDY2OQ..%3AMjoxMzk2MjE0NjY5OmFwS3BCSF9oZmZFdXhDNW1XWHlpUDVOdDlsQks6a1JVSFR6LTl2Tk4zSmtaMnd4TGtmcDJSN1VsYjoyYjA2NTM5OWZlY2NjMTdiYTJmN2MwNTE3YjNlMzc3YTNmZjlmOGRm%3Af2589462af5d9722e36409d4faf3243d0315c6af&ga_search_query=olaf+water+bottle+labels&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery

4 Kay April 17, 2014 at 8:15 PM

These are absolutely fabulous ideas but I have to add one more. I just had a Frozen party for my 5 year old Hannah. We invited character lookalikes Elsa and Anna from a company out of Atlanta called Look alikes and Characters Entertainment!
I was THRILLED with their Elsa and Anna lookalikes! I felt we stepped right into the movie these girls were so gorgeous and perfect! My daughter Hannah thought they were the real deal. I was so impressed with the performances of these girls as The Snow Queen and Princess from the movie Frozen! Elsa came out first and performed Let it Go! Then Anna came out with Elsa and together they performed For the First Time in Forever. I loved the themed games and activities! They even invited the girls to come up and sing Let it Go from the movie Frozen with microphone and music. I would definitely recommend this company especially Elsa and Anna look alikes!

5 Nora May 4, 2014 at 6:23 AM

Thanks for sharing your ideas! It’s a bit overwhelming with all the great posts for Frozen parties, but I appreciated your description of your skill level, the time involved, and how/where you purchased any supplies. I fall into a similar party-planning category and feel much better that I may be able to pull off something very cute, like you were able to, for my 5 yr. old. I had searched (Googled) “Frozen” online and somewhere among the sea of Disney images was your mason jar with decorate cut-out lid that caught my eye and brought me to your page. I am envious of your neat snowflake (utensil) pails as well! Great job and thanks again for sharing.

6 Theresa May 21, 2014 at 8:43 PM

Great post! I love your food ideas. I will be passing these on to our other Frozen party customers. Thanks for supporting our local shop!

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