Get $50 in CVS Extra Care Bucks wyb a $150 Paypal Mastercard + My Shopping Trip

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cvs extra care bucks shopping scenario
Well, in a round about way I got what I wanted at CVS this week, but it took a little bit of work! If you read my CVS/Pharmacy sale and coupon match ups for this week, you may remember that there are several FREE with Extra Bucks items available this week.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t often take the time to plan out elaborate trips to the drug stores anymore. I still take advantage of the deals and use Extra Care Bucks, I just tend to do it on a smaller scale than a lot of other deal bloggers.

However, when I heard about the Paypal Mastercard/$50 ECB deal, I knew that I wanted to take advantage! Basically, right now when you purchase a $150 Paypal Mastercard, you will receive $50 in Extra Care Bucks at the register. This deal was not advertised in either of the CVS stores that I visited today, but it worked great…eventually!

In a perfect world, I wanted to first purchase the Paypal Mastercard and then turn around and use those ECBs ($50) to make my additional purchases. Unfortunately, I thought that I had to purchase these cards behind the register, and I was told by the cashier that my store didn’t have them – and that only one store (15 miles away!) did. This didn’t sound right to me, but I didn’t know enough to argue, so I completed this transaction first:

Transaction #1:

  • CVS Trial Pack Training Pants – $0.99; Get $0.99 in ECBs
  • Sparkle Paper Towels – $1; Get $1 in ECBs (Used B1G1 Sparkle Paper Towel Coupon – share and save)
  • Dove Men + Care Deodorant – $2.50 (Used $1/1 Coupon here) + a $1.50/$5 CVS Coupon that printed at the Magic Coupon Machine for me
  • Dove Women’s Deodorant – $2.50 (Used $1.50/1 Coupon here)
  • Degree Deodorant – $2.50 (Used $1/1 Coupon here)
  • (2) Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Toothbrushes – $6.99, get $2 in ECBs (Used (2) $2/1 Coupons here)
  • Orbit Wintermint Gum – $1; Get $1 in ECBs
  • 5 React Mint Gum – $1; Get $1 in ECBs

Out of Pocket Expense: $16.47 (before tax)
Extra Care Bucks Earned: $8.99
It was like paying:  $7.48

Then, I decided to drive 5 minutes to another CVS location where I found out that all that I had to do was grab a Paypal Mastercard from the gift card kiosk and take it to the register and ask to have $150 put on it. When I did that, the $50 ECB was generated with no issue.

Transaction #2:

  • Prepaid Paypal Mastercard – $154.95 ($150 + $4.95 activation fee); get $50 in ECBs
  • Advil Trial Pack (4 ct) – $0.99. Get $0.99 in ECBs
  • CVS Travel Pack Wipes (12 ct) – $0.99; Get $0.99 in ECBs (except I didn’t get these because they are tied in with the CVS Training pants offer and I already redeemed it in Transaction #1)
  • Ricola Travel Pack (4 ct) – $0.99; Get $0.99 in ECBs
  • Milk (because we were out!) – $2.49

Out of Pocket Expense: $160.41 (before tax)
Extra Care Bucks Earned: $51.98
It was like paying: $108.43

Overall I spent $176.88 and I have $60.97 in ECBs to spend. That doesn’t sound overly impressive, but I’ll take the extra cash! The $50 ECB really ends up being $41 after fees, but that’s still a nice little bonus!

The CVS/Paypal Mastercard deal is not available in all areas and some areas are reporting that their stores have yanked these cards. You can check CVS myWeekly Ad to see if the offer appears for you. There is a limit of one $50 ECB per household/card (some are reporting a limit of 2, try at your own risk!). You do have to pay an activation fee of $4.95 in store, and you’ll have to pay a $4 activation fee at home when you get ready to use the card. If you do not cancel the card, you will have to pay a maintenance fee – so be aware of that.

cvs paypal gift card deal

I plan to take my prepaid Mastercard to Giant Eagle to purchase gift cards for teachers and family for Christmas. I’ll also be earning fuel rewards. This is something I would have done anyway…but now I am $40ish richer thanks to this deal.

Find this week’s CVS Sale and Coupon Match Ups here. You’ll find CVS Black Friday 2013 Ad Info Here.

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