Halloween on a Budget | 5 Ways to Save

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halloween on a budget

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, even more so now that I have kids. It is always so much fun seeing all of the little kids dressed up in their cute costumes. One thing that I do not like about Halloween is how expensive it can be! This year, say no to full-priced costumes, candy and decor! Use the tips below to maximize your Halloween savings.

5 Tips for Doing Halloween on a Budget

1. Shop ALDI or the Dollar Store – Passing out Halloween candy can get very expensive, especially if you are paying full price. Before you spend a lot of money on candy at the grocery store, be sure to check your local ALDI or Dollar Store. Both of these stores have a nice selection of candy at great prices! Also favor hard candy over chocolate candy and/or candy bars. Chocolate candy tends to be much more expensive.

2. Make Your Own Costumes – Yes, there are some pretty amazing costumes on the market, but many come at a scary price! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend $50 or more on a costume my child is only going to wear once. One easy way to save money this Halloween is to make your own costumes. Do a search on Pinterest and you will see so many crafty and creative ideas for making your own Halloween costumes. Be sure to check out my Halloween Board on Pinterest – I’ll be pinning lots of cute and budget friendly ideas!

3. Shop Thrift Stores (and shop early!) – If you are not up to the task of making your own Halloween costume that’s okay. Most people who buy full-priced Halloween costumes end up donating them to thrift stores. This is your opportunity to pick up on of those amazing costumes at a not so scary price. Starting now, many thrift stores will have a wide selection of Halloween costumes.

4. Make Your Own Decorations – It’s always fun to decorate your home for the holidays but decorations are expensive. If you want to cut your costs this Halloween I suggest making your own decorations or purchasing from ALDI, Goodwill or the Dollar Store? You can also do some Halloween decoration shopping the day after Halloween. Most decorations will be 50% to 75% off on November 1st. (Check out 5 Tips for Saving on Fall Decor here).

5. Shop Last Minute – In most cases I would not suggest shopping last minute – in fact it might seem like I’m contradicting tip #4 above. However, shopping last minute might benefit you when it comes to Halloween costumes. Halloween costume shops need to get rid of their merchandise, so as it gets closer to Halloween they will start reducing prices. If you wait until the week before Halloween (or a few days before) you can score a costume at a rock bottom price.

What tips would you add to this list? How do you save on Halloween purchases?

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