The Best Deals on College Textbooks

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how to save money on college text books
Spend one minute in a college bookstore and you will understand why going to college is so expensive; it’s those textbooks and coursebooks! College textbooks can run from around $50 up to several hundred dollars and they generally won’t be used again (by you) so it’s a one-time expense that you have to come up with to be able to take the class. The average college student spends $655 per year on college textbooks* Thanks to the age of the internet and being able to buy and sell online, we now have many different options for finding the best deals on college textbooks.

Below you will find some great sites you should visit before spending any money in that college bookstore.

Book Finder

Book Finder will help you find the best deal on various online stores for any book that you enter in their search system. Even if the book is out of print, Book Finder should be able to locate it for you! They will also show you the prices at the different stores for that book so you can compare and find the best deal.

Ebay or Amazon

Search either of these internet giants for the book you need first. They may have a great deal on a good condition used copy. Just make sure it’s the correct edition that you need for your class.


With Ecampus you can search for used textbooks and also sell your old textbooks back. You can even rent some textbooks for a fee so you don’t have to buy them at all and just return them when you are done, just like a library!


If you don’t have to buy a paper copy of your textbook you might be able to get it cheaper! Check out sites like EbookAve to be able to purchase the ebook version of your college textbook. You can often save up to 50% off the regular price of the book, just by having the digital version!


BuyBack101 will buy your used textbooks back from you when you are finished and might give you more than the campus bookstore. They will also pay for the shipping for you to mail the book to them. Another option for selling textbooks when you are done with them is Amazon.

Between these 6 sites, you should be able to find some great used deals on the textbooks that you need for this year! And you should be able to sell them back to be able to recoup some of the money you originally spent on them. Make sure you ask your campus bookstore as well, many of them will offer to buy your textbooks back if they are in good used condition and if it’s an edition they will be able to resell. It doesn’t hurt to ask and find out who will give you the highest amount for your books!

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*According to The National Association of College Stores (NACS)

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