Giant Eagle Weekly Ad Deals | 4/18-4/24/2013

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giant eagle deals sale coupons Here is a list of the best deals that I see this week at Giant Eagle. Please note that coupons up to $0.99/ea are doubled at my store. Be sure to check your local ad to confirm deals and the coupon doubling policy in your area.

NOTE: Find more information about shopping at Giant Eagle, including information about eCoupons and Giant Eagle Monthly/Catalina deals on my Giant Eagle Resources/FAQs page here.


Kraft Mac & Cheese – $0.98/ea

Kraft Miracle Whip – $3.99/ea
Use $1/1 Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing, 12 oz+
Final Price = $2.99/ea

Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding – $1/ea
Use $0.50/4 Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding 04/07/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/19/2013)
Final Price = $0.75/ea

Hunt’s Manwich – $1/ea
Use $0.40/3 Manwich 04/10/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/19/2013)
Final Price = $0.73/ea

Chef Boyardee – $1/ea
Use $0.50/4 Chef Boyardee, Canned or Microwave Pasta 04/07/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/19/2013)
Final Price = $0.75/ea

Land O’Lakes Butter Quarters – $3.99/ea
Use $0.50/1 Land O’Lakes Stick Butter Product 03/10/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/31/2013)
Final Price = $2.99/ea

Jif Peanut Butter or Smuckers Jelly, Jam or Preserves – $2.50/ea

Chobani Greek Yogurt Cups – $1/ea
Use $0.30/1 Chobani Yogurt, 6 oz
Final Price = $0.40/ea

Barilla Pasta – $1/ea

General Mills Cereal – B2G1
Use $1/2 General Mills Cheerios Cereals, Original, Honey Nut, Multi-Grain, Multi-Grain Peanut Butter, Apple Cinnamon, Frosted, Chocolate, Banana Nut, Cinnamon Burst, Fruity, Yogurt Burst, Dulce de Leche, Medley Crunch
Use $0.50/1 General Mills Cocoa Puffs OR Cocoa Puffs Brownie Crunch Cereal
Use $0.50/1 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal, the one in the yellow box
Use $0.85/1 General Mills Multi Grain Cheerios or Multi Grain Cheerios Peanut Butter Cereal
Use $1/2 General Mills Big G Cereals 03/24/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/14/2013)
Use $0.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal e-Offers
Use $0.75/1 Multi-Grain Cheerios e-Offers
Use $0.50/1 Original Cheerios e-Offers
Use $0.50/1 Cocoa Puffs Cereal e-Offers

Nabisco Chips Ahoy, Wheat Thins or Premium Crackers – $2.50/ea

Pringles Super Stacks or Stix Pouches – $1.50/ea
Use $0.50/1 Pringles Snack Stacks or Stix, 70 ct or 8 pk 03/10/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Use $1/4 Pringles, 160 g+ 03/10/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Final Price = $0.50-$1.25/ea

Del Monte Fruit Cups – $2.25/ea
Use $1/2 Del Monte Fruit Cup Snacks, 4 pk
Final Price = $1.75/ea

Seattle’s Best Coffee – $5.99/ea
Use $1.50/1 Seattle’s Best Coffee
Use $1.50/1 Seattle’s Best Coffee, 12 or 20 oz bag 03/24/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/24/2013)
Final Price = $4.49/ea

Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks – $2/ea

Nature’s Path Granola Bars or Cereal – $3.50/ea

Nature Valley Granola Bars – $2.50/ea
Use $0.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars, 5 ct+, Granola Thins, Fiber One Chewy Bars, Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy Bars, or Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies 03/24/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/18/2013)
Use $0.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars or Thins, 5 ct+ 02/24/2013 SS Insert (exp 04/20/2013)
Final Price = $2/ea

V8 Splash Smoothies – $1.99/ea
Use $1/2 V8 Splash, 64 oz 04/07/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/12/2013)
Final Price = $1.49/ea

Ortega Salsa, Dinners or Red Devil Hot Sauce or Regina Vinegar – $2.50/ea
Use $0.50/2 Ortega 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2013)
Use $1/2 Ortega Products
Use $1/2 Regina Products
Final Price = $2/ea

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad – $1/ea

Emeril’s Cooking Spray Panko Bread Crumbs or Stock – $2.50/ea
Use $1/2 Emeril’s Products
Final Price = $2/ea

Vlasic Pickles – $2/ea

Duncan Hines Cake Mix or Brownie Mix – $1.25/ea
Use $0.35/1 Duncan Hines Product
Final Price = $0.55/ea

Duncan Hines Frosting – $1.50/ea
Use $0.35/1 Duncan Hines Product
Final Price = $0.80/ea

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch Mix – $2/ea
Use $0.75/2 Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting, Supreme Brownie Mix, Dessert Bar Mix, Box Muffin Mix or Cookie Mix, 17.5 oz 03/24/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/18/2013)
Final Price = $1.25/ea

KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce – B1G1

Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat – $3/ea
Use $1/2 Hormel Natural Choice Meat
Use $1/2 Hormel Natural Choice Lunchmeat e-Offers
Final Price = $2.50/ea

Bob Evans Rolls, Links or Patties – $3/ea
Use $0.50/1 Bob Evans Sausage Product
Final Price = $2/ea

International Delight Coffee Creamer – $1.66/ea
Use $1/2 International Delight Coffee Creamers, pints or quarts
Use $1/2 International Delight Creamer 03/17/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Final Price = $1.16/ea

Dannon Activia Greek Yogurt (4 pk) – B1G1
Use $1/1 Dannon Activa Greek, 4 pk

Sargento String or Stick Cheese – $3.33/ea

Smart Ones Classic Favorites – $1.66/ea when you buy 6, less quantities are $2/ea
Use $3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones 03/24/2013 SS Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Use $3/10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Products
Final Price = $1.33-$1.70/ea wyb 10

Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars – $2.33/ea when you buy 3, less quantities are $3.50/ea
Use $1.10/3 Dryer’s Outshine Fruit Bars or Fruit Bars, 6 ct+
Use $1/1 Dreyer’s Multi-pack Fruit Bars, Outshine Fruit Bars, Or Outshine Coconut Waters Bars, 6ct+ 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/16/2013)
Use $2/3 Dreyer or Outshine fruit bars, 6 ct+ 03/17/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/12/2013)
Final Price = $1.33-$1.97/ea wyb 3

Freschetta Pizza – $5/ea

Marie Callender’s Meals or Pot Pies – $3/ea
Use $1/2 Marie Callender’s Single Serve Comfort Bakes, 10-12 oz
Final Price = $2.50/ea

Wanchai Ferry Complete Meal for Two – $5.99/ea

Annie’s Grahams or Crackers – $3.50/ea

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars – $2/ea

Back to Nature Cookies or Crackers – $3/ea

Amy’s Soup – $2.50/ea


Crest Toothpaste – $2/ea
Use $1/1 Crest Toothpaste, excludes Cavity, Baking Soda, and Tartar 03/31/2013 P&G Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Use $0.50/1 Crest Toothpaste or Liquid Gel, 4 oz+, Excludes Cavity, Baking Soda,Tartar, excludes trial size
Final Price = $1/ea

Band-Aid Bandages (30-60 ct) – $1.99/ea
Use $1/2 Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandage Products
Use $0.75/2 Band Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Products, excludes trial sizes
Use $0.75/2 Band-Aid 04/07/2013 RP Insert (exp 05/24/2013)
Final Price = $1.24-$1.49/ea

Get a $0.20 BONUS FuelPerks when you buy 2 of the following items in a single transaction.

Suave Shampoo or Conditioner – $1.50/ea
Use $0.50/2 Suave Professionals Men hair products 03/24/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Final Price = $1/ea

Dove Hair Care – $3/ea
Use $1/1 Dove Men+Care Hair Care 03/24/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Use $1/1 Dove Hair Style+Care Product, excludes trial size
Use $1/1 Dove Men+Care Hair Care e-Offers
Final Price = $2/ea

Axe or Clear Hair Care – $4.50/ea
Use $1/1 Axe shampoo or styling aid 03/24/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Final Price = $3.50/ea

BIC Disposable Razors – $4.99/ea
Use $3/1 BIC Soleil, disposable razor 04/14/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/12/2013)
Final Price = $1.99/ea

Zyrtec (25 or 30 ct) – $18.99/ea
Get a $0.20 BONUS FuelPerks when you buy $25 worth
Use $7/1 Zyrtec, regular or D, 24 ct+ 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 04/28/2013)
Use $4/1 Zyrtec, regular or D, 24 ct+ 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/18/2013)
Final Price = $11.99-$14.99/ea

Get a $0.20 BONUS FuelPerks when you buy $20 of the following items in a single transaction.

Playtex Sport or Gentle Glide Tampons – $3/ea
Use $1/1 Playtex Tampons, Gentle Glide or Sport 03/10/2013 SS Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Use $1/1 Playtex Gentle Glide 360 or Sports Tampons, 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Use $1/1 Playtex Sport Tampons, 14 ct+
Final Price = $2/ea

Schick Disposable Razors – $5.99/ea
Use $4/1 Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Use $4/1 Schick Hydro 5 Disposables 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Use $1/1 Schick Razor, refill or disposable, excludes 2 ct 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Final Price = $1.99-$4.99/ea

Schick Hydro Razors – $9.49/ea
Use $2/1 Schick Power Select, Hydro 5 or Hydro 3 Razor 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013) Schick Quattro or Intuition – $8.49/ea
Final Price = $7.49/ea

Schick Quattro or Intuition Razor Cartridges – $2 off

Edge, Skintimate or Schick Hydro Shave Gel – $2.50/ea
Use $0.75/1 Schick Hydro Shave Gel 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Use $0.55/1 Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel, excludes 2.75 oz 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Use $1/1 Edge Shave, gel or cream 03/10/2013 SS Insert (exp 04/21/2013)
Final Price = $1-$1.50/ea

Energizer Max Batteries – 25% off
Use $0.50/1 Energizer Batteries, Flashlight, or USB Wall or Car Charger 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/18/2013)


Charmin Bath Tissue (9 rl) – $4.69/ea
Use $0.25/1 Charmin 03/31/2013 P&G Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Final Price = $2.19/ea

Angel Soft Bath Tissue (8, 12 or 24 rl) or Sparkle Paper Towels (6 or 8 rl) – $5/ea when you buy 2, less quantities are $5.50/ea
Use $0.55/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 4 double roll+
Use $0.45/1 Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue, 4 pk+ double roll 03/24/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Use $2.50/1 Sparkle Paper Towel 04/07/2013 RP Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Use $1/1 Sparkle Paper Towels, 6 Regular Roll+
Final Price = $2.50-$4.10/ea wyb 2

Hefty One Zip Freezer or Storage Bags – $3/ea

Beggin’ Strips, Busy Bone or TBonz Dog Treats – $2.50/ea
Use $1/1 Purina Beggin, 6 oz+ 04/07/2013 RP Insert (exp 06/07/2013)
Final Price = $1.50/ea

What did I miss? Please feel free to leave a comment sharing any deals you find at Giant Eagle this week!

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