Meijer Weekly Ad Deals | 6/3-6/9/2012

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meijer deals meijer salesHere are a few of my favorite deals at Meijer this week. Please check your local ad to confirm deals in your area, as some prices and sales vary by region.

10 for $10 sale, get the 11th item FREE. Prices assume you are buying 11 items.

Totino’s Pizza Rolls or Jeno’s Crisp n Tasty Pizza – $0.91/ea

Green Giant Frozen Veggies – $0.91/ea

Bar-S Meat or Chicken Franks or Bologna – $0.91/ea

General Mills Chex Mix or Bugles – $0.91/ea
Use $0.50/2 General Mills Snacks, Bugle or Chex Mix AND/OR Pillsbury Baguette Chips AND/OR Gardetto’s Snack Mix 06/03/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/28/2012)
Final Price = $0.41/ea

Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta Shells & Cheese – $0.91/ea

Sobe Lifewater, Vitaminwater or Smartwater – $0.91/ea
Use B5G1 Vitaminwater or Vitaminwater Zero, 20 oz OR Fuze, 16.9 oz, MEIJER mPERKS (exp 06/09/2012)
Final Price = $0.74/ea

Austin Crackers or Stouffer’s Animal Crackers – $0.91/ea

Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding – $0.91/ea

Hunt’s Ketchup (24 oz) – $0.91/ea

Wolf Chili or Manwich Sauce – $0.91/ea

Hunt’s, Del Monte or RoTel Tomatoes – $0.91/ea
Use $1/5 Del Monte Vegetables or Tomatoes, canned, 10.5 – 15.25 oz 05/13/2012 RP Insert (exp 08/05/2012)
Final Price = $0.71/ea

Betty Crocker Helpers or Boxed Potatoes – $0.91/ea

Pillsbury Cake Mix – $0.91/ea

Quakes Rice Snacks – $0.91/ea

Sunny Delight (64 oz) – $0.91/ea

Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Entrees or Banquet Brown n Serve Sausage – $0.91/ea
Use $1/5 Michelina Lean Gourmet Entree, Snacker or Flatbread Products
Use $1/5 Michelinas’s Entree or Snacker Products
Final Price = $0.71/ea

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits – $0.91/ea
Use $0.40/3 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 04/01/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/23/2012)
Final Price = $0.65/ea

Plum Organic or Happy Baby Baby Food Pouches – $0.91/ea
Use $0.50/2 Plum Organics Products (IE)
Use $0.50/1 Plum Organics Baby or Tots Pouch
Final Price = FREE-$0.41/ea

Pedigree Canned Dog Food – $0.91/ea
Use B4G1 Pedigree canned food for dogs 13.2 or 22oz, up to $1.25 04/29/2012 RP Insert (exp 06/10/2012)
Final Price = $0.72/ea

Renuzit Adjustables – $0.91/ea

Hillshire Farm Deli Select or Deli Carvers Lunchmeat or Grilled Essentials Chicken Breasts – $2.89/ea
Use $0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Deli Carvers Lunchmeat
Final Price = $1.79/ea

Johnsonville Smoked Brats, 2-piece Rope or Breakfast Sausage – $2.50/ea
Use $1/2 Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/15/2012)
Final Price = $2/ea

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice – $2.50/ea

Coffee-mate Flavored Creamer (32 oz) – $3/ea
Use $1/2 Nestle Coffee-Mate liquid creamers, no natural bliss 04/29/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/22/2012)
Use $0.55/1 Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder, Excludes Bliss, 15 oz
Final Price = $1.90-$2.50/ea

Sargento Natural Cheese Slices or Shredded Cheese – $2.50/ea

Lean Cuisine Simple Favorites or Tai Pei Frozen Entrees – $2/ea
Use $0.55/3 Lean Cuisine Varieties
Use $1/4 Lean Cuisine Varieties
Use $1/4 Lean Cuisine products 04/29/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/31/2012)
Use $0.55/1 Tai Pei Entree or Appetizer 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 08/03/2012)
Use $1/1 Tai Pei Stir Fry Creations Entree or any Tai Pei Single Serve Entree
Final Price = $0.90-$1.75/ea

Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza or Hot or Lean Pockets – $2/ea
Use $1.10/2 Hot Pockets Snackers
Use $1/2 Hot Pockets Snackers 05/20/2012 RP Insert (exp 08/12/2012)
Final Price = $1.45-$1.50/ea

Eggo Waffles, French Toast Sticks or Pancakes – $2/ea
Use $0.75/2 Kellogg’s Eggo, frozen 05/06/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/01/2012)
Final Price = $1.25/ea

Freschetta or Red Baron Pizza – $3.99/ea
Use $1.50/2 Freschetta Multi Serve 03/04/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
Use $1/1 Freschetta Artisan Pizza Crust 04/22/2012 SS Insert (exp 08/31/2012)
Final Price = $3.24-$3.49/ea

SuperPretzel – 50% off
Use $0.50/1 Superpretzel 05/13/2012 RP Insert (exp 06/22/2012)
Use $1/1 Superpretzel Product 05/13/2012 RP Insert (exp 06/22/2012)

Birds Eye Family Size Viola Meals – $5.99/ea
Use $1.50/1 Birdseye Voila Product
Use $1/1 BirdsEye Viola Product
Final Price = $4.49-$4.99/ea

Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt (12 pk), Danimals Kids Yogurt (12 pk) or Danonimo (8 pk) – $3.99/ea
Buy $10 worth of Dannon products, Get 1 FREE gallon of Meijer milk

Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt or Activia Selects Greek or Parfait Yogurt – $0.99/ea
Buy $10 worth of Dannon products, Get 1 FREE gallon of Meijer milk
Use $1/3 Dannon Oikos, 5.3 oz 05/20/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
Use $0.50/2 Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt 05/20/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
Use $0.50/2 Dannon Okios Yogurts, 5.3 oz Single Serve Cups
Final Price = $0.49-$0.66/ea

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8 oz block), Soft Philadelphia Cream Cheese or Philadelphia Cooking Creme – $2/ea
Use $0.55/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme 05/20/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/23/2012)
Final Price = $0.90/ea

Jell-O Ready to Eat Pudding, Gelatin or Mousse (6 pk), Temptations (3 pk) or Kraft Milk Bites – $2.50/ea
Use $0.50/2 Jell-O Gelatin or Pudding 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/06/2012)
Use $0.60/1 Jell-O Refrigerated 05/13/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/13/2012)
Use $0.90/1 Jell-O Temptations or Mousse Temptations, MEIJER mPERKS (exp 07/15/2012)
Final Price = $0.40-$2/ea

Kellogg’s Cereal or Special K Bars or Pastry Crisps – $2.50/ea
Use $0.70/1 Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals, 10 oz+ 06/03/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/15/2012)
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Cereals, 10 oz+ 05/13/2012 RP Insert (exp 06/24/2012)
Use $0.50/1 Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Cereal
Use $0.50/1 Kellogg’s All Bran Cereal
Use $1/2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal
Use $0.70/1 Kellogg’s Special K Granola Bars, 5 ct+ 05/20/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/15/2012)
Use $1/2 Kellogg’s Special K Crackers or Cracker Chips, 4oz+ 04/29/2012 RP Insert (exp 06/24/2012)
Use $0.70/1 Kellogg’s Krave Cereal, 11 oz+, any flavor, MEIJER mPERKS (exp 06/03/2012)
Final Price = $0.40-$2.17/ea

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Chips Ahoy, Toasted Chips or Crackerfuls – $2/ea
Use $1/2 RITZ Crackerfuls 04/01/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
Final Price = $1.50/ea

General Mills Cereal or Cereal Bars – $2.50/ea
Use $0.50/1 General Mills Trix Cereal
Use $1/2 General Mills Cereals
Use $0.50/1 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal
Use $1/3 General Mills Cereals 06/03/2012 SS Insert (exp 07/14/2012)
Use $0.75/1 General Mills Original Cheerios Cereal
Final Price = $1-$2.17/ea

Ragu Pasta Sauce – $1.25/ea

Ken’s Salad Dressing (16 oz) – $1.99/ea
B2G1 Ken’s Dressing, 9 oz 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
$1/2 Ken’s Dressings, 16 oz. 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
$1/1 Ken’s Dressing, 9 oz 05/06/2012 SS Insert (exp 06/30/2012)
Final Price = $0.99-$1.49/ea

Ruffles Potato Chips or Tostitos Chips – $2.50/ea
Use $1/2 Ruffles Ultimate Dip AND Chips, 15 oz
Use $1/2 Tostitos Dip AND Tortilla Chips, 15 oz+dip, 10 oz+ chips
Final Price = $2/ea wyb chips and dip


Dove Bar Soap (8 pk) – $6.59/ea
Use $0.50/1 Dove Beauty Bar, 4 pk, (excludes Men+Care) 06/03/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/01/2012)
Final Price = $5.59/ea

Dove Body Wash – 5.49/ea
Use $0.75/1 Dove Body Wash (excludes Men+Care) 06/03/2012 RP Insert (exp 07/01/2012)
Final Price = $3.99/ea

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