Meijer Weekly Ad Deals: 9/18-9/24/11

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meijer deals meijer salesHere are a few of my favorite deals at Meijer this week. Please check your local ad to confirm deals in your area, as some prices and sales vary by region.

Did you know? Meijer Mealbox coupons are store coupons that can be used in conjunction with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings. View a current list and print your Meijer Mealbox coupons here.


General Mills Cereal (16.2-25.5 oz) – $3.33/ea
Use $0.50/1 General Mills Cheerios Original Cereal
Use $1/2 General Mills Cereal 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/24/2011)
Use $1/2 General Mills Cereals (IE) Printable (FF)
Final Price = $2.33-$2.83/ea

Sabra Hummus or Stacy’s Pita Chips – $3/ea
Use $0.75/1 Stacy’s Pita Chips or Bagel chips 6/26/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/26/2011)
Final Price = $1.50/ea

Oscar Mayer Meat Weiners, Bologna or Weiners – $1.99/ea

Johnsonville Smoked Brats, Deli Bites, or Breakfast Pork Sausage Links or Patties – $2.50/ea
Use $0.55/1 Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/30/2011)
Use $1/2 Johnsonville Italian or Smoked Sausage, Brats 9/2/2011 SavingStar (exp 9/28/2011)
Final Price = $1.40-$2/ea

Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin or Hearty Slices Lunchmeat – $3/ea
Use $0.55/1 Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat
Final Price = $1.90/ea

Simply Orange Juice (59 oz) – $3/ea

Dannon Light & Fit or Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt Cups – $0.60/ea

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (8 oz) or Sweet Rolls (12.4-13.9 oz) – $1.66/ea
Use $0.40/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls 9/11/2011 GM Insert (exp 12/3/2011)
Use $0.30/1 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grands Sweet Rolls 9/11/2011 GM Insert (exp 12/3/2011)
Use $0.50/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls or Grand Sweet Rolls 8/7/2011 GM Insert (exp 10/29/2011)
Use $0.40/2 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls OR Grands! Sweet Rolls
Use $0.50/2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls
Final Price = $1.06-$1.26/ea

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice (59 oz) – $2.50/ea

Coffee-mate Non-Dairy Creamer (16 oz) – $1.66/ea

Sargento Shredded Cheese (7-8 oz) – $2.50/ea

Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese (16 oz) – $4.99/ea

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Block (8 oz) or Cooking Creme (10 oz) – $1.50/ea
Use $1/2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Tubs
Final Price = $1/ea

Kraft Natural Cheese Slices – $2/ea

Aunt Jemima Breakfast Entrees or Scrambles – $1/ea

T.G.I. Friday’s Entrees – $2.50/ea
Buy 2 and get $1 off instantly
Use $1/1 TGI Friday’s Entrees for one 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/25/2011)
Use $1.50/1 TGI Friday’s Entrees for two 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/25/2011)
Final Price = $0.50-$1/ea wyb 2

Jack’s Original Pizzas, DiGiorno Pizza for One or 200 Calorie Pizza – $2.50/ea
Use $1/2 DiGiorno 200 Calorie Portions 7/31/2011 RP Insert (exp 9/30/2011)
Final Price = $2/ea

DiGiorno Pizza or California Pizza Kitchen Pizza – $5/ea
Buy 2 DiGiorno Pizzas and get 1 Edy’s Ice Cream FREE
Use $1/1 DiGiorno Large Pizza 9/11/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/31/2011)
Final Price = $4/ea

Stouffer’s Family Size Entrees – $5/ea
Buy 2 and get 1 Edy’s Ice Cream FREE
Use $1/1 Stouffer’s Family, Party Size or Entree
Final Price = $3/ea

Green Giant Frozen Vegetables – $1/ea
Use $0.60/3 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables 9/11/2011 GM Insert (exp 11/5/2011)
Use $0.80/4 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
Final Price = $0.60/ea

Michelina’s or Lean Gourmet Entrees or Banquet Meals – $0.89/ea
Use $1/5 Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Items
Final Price = $0.69/ea

Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, Hot or Lean Pockets, Croissant Pockets, Subs or Calzones – $2/ea
Use $1/2 Hot Pockets Brand Sandwiches 2 Pack or larger
Us e$0.50/3 Hot Pockets 8/21/2011 SS Insert (exp 11/21/2011)
Use $0.75/3 Hot Pockets 8/21/2011 SS Insert (exp 11/21/2011)
Final Price = $1.50/ea

Healthy Choice Complete Meals, Cafe Steamers, or Modern Classics – $2.20/ea
Buy 5 and Get 1 FREE
Use $1/3 Healthy Choice Complete Meals
Final Price = $1.50/ea wyb 6

Deans Ice Cream (1.5 qt), Dove (3-16 ct) or Mars Novelties (6 ct) – $3/ea

Red Baron Pan Pizza – $5/ea

McCormick Spices or Pure Vanilla Extract – 25% off

Brooks Chili Beans – $1.50/ea

Planters NUT-rition Mixes or Mixed Canned Nuts – $3.99/ea

Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinners, Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Homestyle Dinners, or Velveeta Skillet Dinner – $1.66/ea
Use $1/1 Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Dinner Kit 8/21/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/21/2011)
Final Price = $0.66/ea

Dasani Water (24 pk) – $3.99/ea

Jell-O Gelatin Mix, Sugar Free Mix or Mixchief Jello – $0.50/ea

Mott’s Garden Blend Vegetable Juice (46 oz) – $2.50/ea

Tai Pei Entrees – $2/ea

La Choy Chicken or Beef Chow Mein, Beef Pepper, or Sweet & Sour Chicken Bi-Packs – $2.49/ea

Del Monte Canned Vegetables – $1.25/ea

Rice-A-Roni or Pasta Roni – $1/ea

Hunt’s Ketchup (24 oz) or Golden’s Spicy Brown Mustard – $1/ea

Dannon All Natural or Light & Fit Yogurt (32 oz) or Activia Tub (24 oz) – $2/ea

Del Monte Vegetables – $0.75/ea

Del Monte Fruit Cups (4 pk) or Fruit Chillers – $1.99/ea

Nabisco Oreos – $2.79/ea

Kool-Aid Unsweetened Drink Mix – $0.10/ea
Use B2G1 Kool Aid Drink Envelopes 6/10/2011 All You, Jul 2011 (exp 12/31/2011)
Final Price = $0.07/ea

Pompeian Olive Oil, Vinegar or Cooking Wine – 33% off

Smart Balance Buttery Spread – $2.50/ea

Zatarain’s Rice Mix – 25% off
Use $0.50/2 Zatarain’s Rice Mixes (IE) Printable (FF)

Hellmann’s Real Mayo (15 oz) – $2.50/ea

Taco Bell Dinner Kits, Hard Shells, Mild Con Queso, Mild or Medium Salsa, Refried Beans, Hot Sauce, or Seasoning Mixes – 50% off

Chi-Chi’s Salsa (16 oz) – $1.25/ea

Del Monte Tomatoes or Contadina Tomato Sauce or Paste – $0.99/ea

Campbell’s Chunky Soup (can or bowl) – $1.50/ea
Use $0.50/3 Campbell’s Chunky Soup or Chili
Use $2/5 Campbell’s Chunky Soup
Use $0.50/4 Campbell’s Chunky Soup or Chili 8/14/2011 SS Insert (exp 9/25/2011)
Final Price = $1.10-$1.25/ea

Duncan Hines Cake Mix, Frosting or Family Brownies – $1.25/ea

Dole Pineapple (20 oz) – $1.25/ea
Use $0.50/2 Dole Pineapple
Use $1/2 Dole Tropical Fruit or Pineapple
Final Price = $0.75/ea

Crisco Cooking Oil (48 oz) – $2.79/ea

Ragu Pasta Sauce (16-24 oz) – $1.50/ea
Us e$1/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce 9/11/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/9/2011)
Use $0.75/2 Ragu Pasta Sauce 9/11/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/9/2011)
Final Price = $0.75-$1/ea

Stove Top Stuffing – $1.25/ea
Use $0.50/1 Stove Top Stuffing 9/11/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/11/2011)
Final Price = $0.25/ea

Nutella Hazelnut Spread (13 oz) – $2.50/ea
Use $1/1 Nutella 8/28/2011 RP Insert (exp 11/27/2011)
Final Price = $1.50/ea

Crystal Light On the Go or Skin Essentials Drink Mix – $2/ea

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts (8 ct) – $2/ea
Use $1/3 Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts or Pop-Tarts Mini Crisps 8/28/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/23/2011)
Final Price = $1.67/ea

Kellogg’s Cereal, Rice Krispie Treats, Keebler Granola Fudge Bar or Cinnabon Bar – $2.50/ea
Use $1/2 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereals 9/11/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/23/2011)
Use $1/2 Kellogg’s Cereals 8/7/2011 RP Insert (exp 9/18/2011)
Use $1/2 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats 8/7/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/2/2011)
Use $0.75/1 Keebler Granola Fudge Bars
Final Price = $1-$2/ea

Post Cereal – $2.50/ea

Pepperidge Farm Select Bread or Whole Grain Bread – $2.69/ea

Quaker Cereal – $2.50/ea
Buy 4 and get 1 FREE Tropicana Juice (59 oz) FREE

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars – $2/ea
Use $0.75/2 Quaker Chewy Smashbar or Granola Bars 8/28/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/15/2011)
Final Price = $1.25/ea

Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Quick or Old Fashioned Oats (18 oz) – $2.50/ea

Skippy Peanut Butter or Welch’s Grape Jelly or Jam – $1.66/ea
Use $1/2 Skippy Products
Use $0.75/1 Welch’s Jam Jelly or Spread
Use $0.35/1 Welch’s Jam, Jelly, or Spread 7/31/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/31/2011)
Final Price = $0.16-$1.16/ea

Lay’s Potato Chips or Rold Gold Pretzels – $2.50/ea

Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn (3-4 ct) – B1G1
Use $1/2 Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn (IE) Printable (FF)

Nabisco Wheat Thins or Triscuits (5.5-9 oz) – $2.50/ea

M&M’s Packaged Candy or Mars Miniatures Chocolate Candy (9-11.5 oz) – $2.50/ea
Use $1.50/2 M&M’s Candies Products 8/9/2011 All You, Sept 2011 (exp 10/31/2011)
Use $1/2 Mars M&M’s or Dove Chocolate Bags 8/28/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/31/2011)
Final Price = $1.75-$2/ea

Mars Fun Size Candy Bars – $2.50/ea

Sunshine Cheez-Its or Keebler Club or Town House Crackers – $2.50/ea
Use $1/4 Keebler Townhouse and/or Club Crackers
Use $1/2 Sunshine Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers
Final Price = $2-$2.25/ea

Gerber Graduates Breakfast Buddies or Pasta Pick Ups – $1.29/ea


Quilted Northern Bath Tissue (12 rl) or Brawny Paper Towels (6 rl) – $6.49/ea
Use $0.50/1 Brawny Paper Towels 8/14/2011 RP Insert (exp 11/15/2011)
Use $1/2 Brawny Paper Towels 8/14/2011 RP Insert (exp 11/15/2011)
Final Price = $5.49-$5.99/ea

Dixie Plates, Ultra Plates, Bowls, Cups, Printed Bath Cups, Grab ‘n Go, or Napkins, or Vanity Fair Plates, Hot Cups, Bowls or Napkins – $2/ea
Use $0.55/1 Vanity Fair Napkins
Use $0.55/1 Vanity Fair Plates 8/14/2011 RP Insert (exp 11/16/2011)
Use $0.55/1 Vanity Fair Napkins, Plates, Bowls, or Cups 8/9/2011 Women’s Day, Sept 2011 (exp 12/31/2011)
Final Price = $0.90/ea

Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent (60 and 72 oz) – $2.99/ea

Ziploc Freezer, Storage or Sandwich Bags – $2.50/ea
Use $1/3 Ziploc Products 9/11/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/22/2011)
Use $1/2 Ziploc Brand Bags
Final Price = $2-$2.17/ea

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent (150 oz) – $17.99/ea
Get $5 off your next shopping trip when you buy 1
Use $2/1 Gain or Tide Detergent 9/11/2011 SS Insert (exp 10/31/2011)
Use $1/1 Tide Detergent or Stain Release 8/28/2011 P&G Insert (exp 9/30/2011)
Final Price = $15.99-$16.99/ea

Pup-peroni Dog Treats (10 oz) – B1G1
Use $1/1 Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks
Use $1.50/2 Pup-peroni Dog Snacks 8/14/2011 RP Insert (exp 10/15/2011)

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