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by Marcy on March 7, 2011 · 0 comments

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Hello my name is Marcy, and I am a multi-tasking mom. I would venture to guess that many of you are multi-taskers as well – whether you are parents or not. Any given morning I have a 5 year old at the table eating her breakfast, a 9 month old in the high chair throwing her breakfast, a load of laundry in the washing machine; I’m unloading dishes from the dishwasher – and my oatmeal is cooking for 30 minutes on the stove top because I accidentally bought regular steel cut oats instead of instant. In between all of that I am often hopping on my laptop to see what is happening in the world of deals, and trying to plan out my posting schedule for the day. Then we are off to get baths/showers and get on with our day.

Most nights I try my best to prepare homemade dinners, but every now and then I welcome help – in the form of pre-packaged food or takeout. Lunches are where I really struggle. It isn’t hard for me to come up with lunch ideas for my girls (hello, PB&J), but I often struggle with what to feed myself. I need something fast and well rounded, but don’t always have the time or energy to prepare it.

That’s where Hormel Compleats could help me – they are quality, single serve meals that can go from my cupboard to my table in 90 seconds. Full of hearty meats and vegetables, Hormel Compleats are also perfect for work outside of the home moms – because they don’t need to be refrigerated or frozen, they can easily be carried in your purse or bag and heated up during your lunch hour. With over 25 varieties, I’m pretty sure I could find several that I would enjoy eating for lunch! I also love that most varieties appear to be under 300 calories – which means that I can add a piece of fruit or yogurt to the meal without blowing my diet.

Right now, Hormel is running a Life Better Served contest – with 3 ways to win:

1) Submit a video, have your video chosen by Hormel as one of the best

2) Submit a video, get the greatest amount of votes from the Zooppa community

3) Share a contest video, or share the contest brief (by clicking “share” in the toolbar on the Zooppa site) with at least 5 people, and you’re eligible for a $3,000 sweepstakes drawing

Be sure to visit Hormel.com and Zooppa.com for more info about the Life Better Served contest and to enter for your chance to win!

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