Guest Post: An Organized Pantry Can Save You Money

by Marcy on March 27, 2009 · 0 comments

The following is a guest post written by professional organizer Sandy Jenney. I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy at Blissdom ’09 last month when we realized (via Twitter!) that we both live in Central Ohio. Sandy blogs at Organize with Sandy, so if you are looking for some organization inspiration, be sure to check out her blog!
An organized pantry can save you money.

You may be thinking….ok, that is what any professional organizer is going to say, but why would having an organized pantry save me money?

Being able to see what you actually have and using it is the key. If you have stuff hidden in the back of your pantry, you are probably “re buying” items that you already have on hand but can’t find. Hidden and lost items also have the potential to expire which equates to lost money. Being able to see exactly what you have when you open your pantry door means that you may also find more incentive to make dishes using items that you already have on hand.

You may look at your pantry and feel that organizing it is just too overwhelming. So where do you start?

Get your trash can (and recycle bin) ready and just take one shelf at a time. Go through and take out each item. If it hasn’t expired and it is something that you will use, put it on your table.

If an item has expired, throw it out. If you find items that your husband bought at the store and you know you will never use, put them in another pile to donate to a food pantry.

You can get inexpensive shelf extensions and door hangers to make the space in your pantry go further. There are several places you can go to get baskets or shelves that hang on your existing pantry shelves, and to sit on the floor or hang on the door. You can view some of my favorite organizing tools here.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to find things and how much easier making out your grocery list and preparing a meal can be when you pantry is organized!
What about you? Is your pantry organized or could it use some help? If you are a stockpilier, how do you keep your stockpile organized?

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