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by Marcy on January 3, 2009 · 0 comments

If you visit my site directly (rather than via a reader) you might have noticed a few changes in my layout recently. I have been working to clean up my right and left nav bars and to move more things up into the new nav bar across the top the page.

Here is a rundown of what you can expect:

Top Nav Bar:

– If you visit primarily to learn about new printable coupons, you can click on the “Coupons” link and all of my printable coupons posts will appear on one page.

– My recent Couponing 101 series can be found under the heading “Coupon 101“. I’m hoping that this info will be useful to those who are just starting out with couponing and would like to learn more.

– If you are looking for my blogroll which lists all of my favorite blogs, I have moved that info up to the “Blogroll” heading.

– I am still trying to determine what I want to place under the “Deals” header, but for now you can find links to my most recent grocery deal posts. The other headers should be self explanatory.

Additional Changes

Another new feature that I have added to the bottom of each post is the ability for you to email my posts to your friends, family etc.. All that you have to do is click on the envelope icon in the bottom right corner of the post and fill out the appropriate info. The post you selected will then be emailed to the recipient(s) of your choice.

I have also added a Disclosure and Terms of Service/Privacy Policy to this site. These basically state that I do earn compensation for the ads which are placed on my site and that any personal info that I collect on this site (mainly from my giveaways) will never be knowingly shared with anyone but me.

I do my best to post deals and coupons that are legit. If I post items that require you to sign up or register, know that I also sign up or register before posting this info for you. I do this because if something does end up being spam, I think it is only fair that I suffer too! :-) Thankfully that hasn’t happened very often. While I do my best to publish items that are legit, please use your own discretion when handing out your email address and other personal info.

Finally, last night I signed up with Technorati. You would think after years of working in IT that I would get this stuff, but I am slow to “get it” and actually sign up for such things. I guess it is a way to see how high your site is ranked and a way to get the word out about your site? If you understand Tecnorati and want to “Fave me” (sounds good to me?) you can do so here.

I think that about covers it for now! I appreciate all of the feedback I have gotten from those of you who have sent it…I’m always striving to improve this site, so I really appreciate it! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or send me a note.

If you find this information useful, please consider subscribing to my RSS feed or email newsletter. Also, be sure to check out Stretching a Buck on Facebook. Thanks for visiting! Note: This post may contain affiliate links. View my disclosure policy here.

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