2009: Goals, Goals Everywhere!

by Marcy on January 2, 2009 · 0 comments

I am goal oriented by nature, so when the first of the year rolls around I am in heaven. I love a fresh, clean slate and the chance to start over.

I thought I would go ahead and list all of my goals for 2009 here rather than just my financial ones since they tend to relate to one another anyway. Here goes…I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Thanks to Erin’s post I decided to cut back to 3 goals per category for now. I figure that I can always add more later if need be.

Stretching a Buck/Blogging Goals

– To find new ways to provide readers with useful and practical money saving information
– To establish a more consistent posting schedule so that readers know what to expect and when
– To continue to spread the word about this site and increase my readership

Financial Goals

– To pay off our student loan so that we can be debt free except for the mortgage
– To contribute a set amount of money to my daughter’s college fund each month
– To continue bargain shopping/couponing in order to stick to our $100/week budget for groceries/household items/toiletries

Personal Goals

– To set (and stick to!) boundaries around my time spent in front of the computer
– To exercise 3-5 times/week with the intent of running a 5k by June
– To write weekly menu plans (and post them here) in an effort to curb our eating out habit

Are you a goal setter? If so, what are you hoping to accomplish this year?

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