7 Random Things About Me

by Marcy on October 27, 2008 · 0 comments

Since I have been tagged by Jennifer, Paula and Lorrie, I suppose I should participate in the 7 Random Things about me meme! I participated at the beginning of the month, but figure it won’t be hard to come up with 7 additional facts! :-)

So here goes…

1. I cannot keep up with my DVR list so far this fall, and it is no wonder! I am currently recording: Fringe, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, The View, Oprah, Jon & Kate Plus 8, The Starter Wife, Spain…on the Road Again, The Ex List, The Biggest Loser, and Brothers and Sisters!! Some of these have yet to be viewed, but I have good intentions. Not sure why the TV addiction, but at least I make it my last priority (usually late at night).

2. I love to read…magazines, blogs, books, newspapers…you name it, I read it.

3. My house is rarely clean. Is it no wonder after reading items 1&2??

4. On top of all of that TV watching and reading, I actually do take care of my toddler, blog, exercise, shop and attempt to cook. Oh and get together with friends and occassionaly talk to my husband (ha ha). Hence the messy house. Priorities, right? :-)

5. This one might gross you out (I think it’s weird!), but I love that canned chocolate pudding that is typically served in school lunches and at buffet style restaurants. I haven’t had it in years, but thought about it this week when I was able to buy Hunt’s pudding (4 pks) for $0.25/ea.

6. While I don’t always love to exercise, I do love to strength train (dumbbells and machines). Those are my favorite 2 days of exercising (per week) actually.

7. My favorite color is purple. And green too I suppose. So not only is this blog green and purple, but 90% of my house is too! It is actually just now starting to get on my nerves after 7 years of living here. But paying off our one final student loan is our top priority right now, so the purple (plum, actually) couch/chair must live on for at least one more year!

Thanks for the tag ladies!

And I know I’m bending the rules by not specifically tagging 7 people, but if you feel so inclined, consider yourself “tagged”! Just come back here and put a link up to your post to let us know that you participated!

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