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by Marcy on September 25, 2008 · 0 comments

Last week I held a poll to see what you do when it comes to gift giving on a budget. Specifically, I wanted to know what you do when you find a gift for less than your budgeted amount AFTER sale and/or coupon?

Well the results are in, and so I would like to share those, and as promised I thought I would share what I do as well.

First, the results:

* 39% of you decide what to do based on how well you know/close you are to the recipient.

* 32% of you pocket the additional savings. “Yay for me for finding a great deal!”

* 17% of you purchase additional items until you reach my full budgeted amount. It is fun to be able to give more for the money.

* 10% of you don’t have or use a gift budget.

* 1% of you didn’t like my answers and do something entirely different

So what do I do?

My gift giving habits have changed over the years, that is for sure. When I was first working full time and had no kids, I didn’t really have a gift budget. However, after a few years of working and becoming more budget conscious, I did start setting a budget for gifts, and I would typically try to spend my full budgeted amount on everyone, even if I found something on sale. I would add additional items until I spent my full budgeted amount because I liked being able to give more for my money.

Now that we are down to one income, I have to be much more strict when it comes to setting a gift budget and sticking to it. Today I am more likely to make the decision of whether to pocket the difference between the sale/after coupon price and my budgeted amount depending on how close I am to the gift recipient.

It is funny because I don’t really feel like the quality of what I am giving has changed all that much, mostly because I am smarter about finding deals and shopping when things are on sale. And of course I use coupons whenever I can! (especially at Babies R Us when buying off of gift registries!)

I do think it is possible to give thoughtful and nice gifts on a budget, with a little work and some planning. I also think that having a gift budget is a smart thing to do…because unplanned gifts can wreak havoc on monthly expenses when you factor in the gift, card, and wrapping. Preparing in advance (and buying things on sale) can help you control what you are spending while still being able to give nice gifts.

Because I have gift giving on the brain with the holidays coming up, here is a new poll for you. If you don’t have kids, you can subsitute your spouse or significant other (or yourself). This poll will close next Wednesday (10/1) and all answers are anonymous. This one is going to be a 2 part poll with the next question appearing on Wednesday.

How Much are you Planning to Spend per Child for Christmas/Holiday of your Choice Gifts This Year?
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