Guest Post: Procrastinating Saved Me Money Too!

by Marcy on August 22, 2008 · 0 comments

The following is a guest post by Kyle at Rather be Shopping. Thanks Kyle!

I was reading Marcy’s post Sometimes It Pays To Procrastinate and it really struck a chord with me. You see, I am a big procrastinator as well, especially with big purchases as I will always wait until I can find it on sale or clearance. So her post really made me think about some of the ways my wife and I have used this strategy this summer to save money. Here are a few that jump to mind:

~ Swimming Pool – All summer long my wife and I were debating and procrastinating the buying of an above-ground pool for the kids as running through the sprinklers was starting to lose its luster. So the other day, I was at our local Wal-Mart and noticed they had all their portable, above-ground pools on clearance. The one I was interested in was 550 gallons, with a filter, and was on sale for only $35 (regularly $55). I couldn’t pass it up, our kids will love it next summer and I can store it in the attic until then. Our procrastinating really paid off! Try this yourself, you can really score some great deals right now as stores try to get rid of their summer inventory.

~ Lower Your Cable Bill – Every month when we got our cable bill I would tell myself, “Dang, that is a lot of money for dozens of channels we never watch. I have to call and get our subscription package lowered or just cancel it altogether.” But then life would get in the way and I would forget about it until the following month when the bill arrived.

Finally, I stopped procrastinating and made it a priority to make the call. Turns out my procrastinating paid off again as they just started a special (or so they said!) if I didn’t cancel. They would either lower my bill by $10 a month or give us a slew of free movie channels. Moral of the story, call your cable company and say you want to cancel and I think you will be surprised with what they will offer you to stay on. Five minutes of your time could save you a nice chunk of change every month!

~ Clothes for the Kids – This one isn’t procrastinating as much as it is just smart buying! Last night my wife was on the computer buying clothes for our 3 kids at Old Not the full-price clothes for back-to-school, but shorts, sandals, and swimsuits for next summer. Old Navy has a great online summer clearance section and she picked up swimsuits and some shorts for around $5 each and $1 for flip-flops, which was over 50% off the original price. If you have the space to store the stuff, it just makes a lot of sense to stock up now.

I’d love to hear if you have anything to add to my list. Please leave a comment! Now on to another way to save money, which is perhaps my favorite, online coupon codes. Happy savings and please contact me if you need help locating a particular coupon. No sense paying full price if you don’t have to!

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