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I am actually excited about this week’s menu plan because I feel like I am busting out of my food rut a little. In terms of last week, we ate everything except for this yummy looking BBQ Chicken Salad that I WILL try eventually. We ended up eating at Chick Fil A that night…at least our bill was less than $20. I have to justify it somehow. :-) My favorite meal of the week was our dinner tonight. I made a pork loin roast in the crock pot with a honey mustard glaze that I mixed up. The recipe is at the bottom of this post. It was awesome and great for something a little different.

This week I am going to try something new. I am going to list what we generally eat (and plan to eat) for breakfast and lunch as well. I thought this might help those of you who are trying to reduce your grocery budget to see how I am doing it. Not that I am an expert by any means, but just in case, I’ll err on the side of too much information. I am also going to try to make notes when I am using items up from my pantry. Again, to help you see what types of items I stock up on. And finally, I am going to try to list my estimated cost per serving. No promises that I’ll be able to keep this up, but I’ll do my best.

Here is a list of what I purchased at the grocery this week. This trip is for our meals through Thursday when I will go to the store again.

Breakfast Options: Cereal, Oatmeal, Frozen Waffles, Frozen Waffles, Toast, Scrambled Eggs, Strawberries, Bananas, Granola Bars, Yogurt

Lunch Options: Leftovers, PB & J, Macaroni & Cheese, Frozen Veggies, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Frozen French Fries, Frozen Chicken Fingers, Soup

Snack/Lunch Side Options: Cheese (cubes or sticks), Crackers, Granola Bars, Yogurt, Fruit, Pretzels, Jello, Chips & Salsa


Monday – Taco Salad & Refried Beans

Estimated Cost/Serving: $2.46

# Adult Servings: 4

Total Estimated Cost: $9.84

(1 pack hormone/antibiotic free beef from freezer – $4.50; jar of salsa from pantry – $2; taco seasoning from pantry – free after coupon; bagged salad – $2.19; 1/4 bag shredded cheese from freezer – $1.50 for whole bag on sale a month or so ago – $0.38; taco sauce – est. $0.25; can of Kroger refried beans – $0.50)

Tuesday – Tomato & Basil Penne with Chicken

Estimated Cost/Serving: $2.13

# Adult Servings: 4

Total Estimated Cost: $8.52

(1 box of Barilla Plus pasta from pantry – $1 on sale awhile back, 1 container of grape tomatoes diced – $2.99, fresh basil from garden – ?, 1/2 pack of tyson chicken breasts from freezer – $1.50 on sale at Kroger 2 or 3 weeks ago for $3 – will use other 1/2 pack on Wednesday; kosher salt, olive oil, minced garlic, chicken bouillon seasoning in water – high estimate – $2; fresh grated Parmesan cheese – high estimate – $2)

Wednesday – Sauteed Chicken Breasts (pounded out thin), Fried Potatoes, & Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Estimated Cost/Serving: $1.53
# Adult Servings: 4

Total Estimated Cost: $6.12

( 1/2 pack Tyson chicken leftover from Tuesday – $1.50; 4-5 large potatoes from bag purchased this week – $1; handful of frozen chopped onions from freezer – $0.15; olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh parsley from garden – high estimate – $2.00; Steamfresh Mixed Vegetables – $1.46)

Thursday – Frozen DiGiorno Pizza (and salad from the garden if it is ready)

Estimated Cost/Serving: $1.66

# Adult Servings: 3

Total Cost: $4.99

FridayBBQ Chicken & Corn on the Cob on the grill, Salad

Estimated Cost/Serving:$2.77
# Adult Servings: 2
Total Cost: $5.53

(1/2 pack Tyson Chicken from freezer – purchased for $3.50 on sale 2-3 wks. ago – $1.75; BBQ sauce – Free after coupon; 4 ears of corn – est. $2; butter, salt, pepper – est. $0.40; 1/2 bag salad – $1; salad dressing – Free after coupon; shredded cheese from freezer – $1.50 for entire bag on sale awhile back, $0.38)

Saturday – Graduation Party/Dinner

Sunday – Spaghetti with Homemade Meat Sauce (recipe below), Frozen Garlic Toast, Salad

Estimated Cost/Serving: $2.42

# Adult Servings: 2

Total Cost: $4.83

(barilla whole grain pasta – Free after coupon; meat sauce from freezer (one batch makes enough for at least 3 meals) – est. $2.70;1/2 bag salad – $1; salad dressing – Free after coupon; shredded cheese from freezer – $1.50 for entire bag on sale awhile back, $0.38; 3 slices frozen garlic toast – $0.75)


Honey Mustard Pork Roast (sorry this is not a “professional” recipe – I improvised)

1 Small Pork Loin Roast (2-4 lbs)

1 c Light Brown Sugar

1/2 c Yellow Mustard

1/4 c Honey

1/2-1 c Water (depending on size of your roast)

Crock Pot Version: Mix sugar, mustard & honey together in the bottom of you
r crock pot until well combined. Add water and stir. Place your thawed pork loin in the honey mustard mixture. Mixture should cover about half of the pork. Spoon honey mustard over pork roast. Cook on low heat at least 4-5 hrs.

Oven Version: Make honey mustard glaze without adding water. Pierce roast with a knife so that glaze can get down into the meat. Brush glaze over your pork roast (this is great on ham too). Bake according to the size of your roast.

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce
1 lb ground beef (or sausage)
1 small onion (or a handful or two of frozen, chopped onions)
3 cans tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatoes (can substitute 1 can tomato sauce if you don’t like chunky sauce)
1 tsp dried oregano
1 tsp dried basil
1 tsp salt
1 TBSP dried parsley
1-2 tsp minced garlic

Brown ground beef with onion and drain fat. Add all of the remaining ingredients and simmer for at least 1 hr., stirring frequently.

Tip: This sauce is even better if you let it sit for a day or two in the fridge, or if you freeze it. I can usually get at least 2 big meals out of one batch of this, if not 3-4 depending on the dish that I am using it for.

As always, if you would like to view lots of wonderful menu plans, be sure to check out I’m an Organizing Junkie here. Have a wonderful week!

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