A Surprise in the Mail Today…

by Marcy on June 3, 2008 · 0 comments

I mentioned awhile back that my brother let me borrow Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover audio set to listen to because he liked it so much. Well last week, he called to tell me that he found a great deal on Dave Ramsey material and that he ordered a book for me too (for $10 here.. and no, I’m not getting paid to link to Dave’s store). He lives in Georgia, so he had to mail it to me.

Today when I checked the mail, look what I found:

Either he got a REALLY good deal, or he thinks I really need to learn more about managing our finances! :-) It was a nice surprise, especially coming from my BABY brother. I guess he is all grown up now! (Let’s not talk about how old that makes me!)

My brother has always been smart with money…making it, saving it etc… That’s not to say he doesn’t splurge and have hobbies, but he knows how to balance things. Because he is not a very “excitable” person by nature, his excitement about Dave Ramsey tells me that I should probably take some time to check his material out. Well that and the fact that so many of you also have great things to say about Dave.

So I am hoping to spend the next couple of (rainy) days reading through my new books. And now I have new software to play with too! Oh the joys of adulthood and the things that now excite me. LOL!

What are your favorite resources for financial planning? I’m still in the process of finding mine!

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