Improving our Gas Mileage

by Marcy on May 15, 2008 · 0 comments

My husband decided a week or so ago that he was going to try to improve his gas mileage using some of the hypermiling techniques that we have been reading about online and in the paper.

Some of the things he has been trying are:

* Going the speed limit and using cruise control whenever possible
* Accelerating and decelerating “gently”
* Coasting whenever possible (he drives a standard shift, compact car)

DH’s daily commute is approximately 60 miles round trip. The worst gas mileage he has ever gotten in his car is 27 mpg. The best he had ever gotten before attempting to further improve gas mileage was 31 mpg.

After trying this experiment out for a little over a week, he found that he had improved his gas mileage to 36 mpg. In trying to come up with the potential monthly cost savings of this, I assumed that he drives 1200 miles/month on average, just in driving to work. Here are the numbers:
* Hypermiling: 1200miles/month /36 miles per gallon = 33.3 gallons of gas per month ….. X $3.75/gallon = $125/month
* Compared to previous best : 1200miles/month /31 miles per gallon = 38.7 gallons of gas per month ….. X $3.75/gallon = $145/month
* Compared to previous worst : 1200miles/month /27 miles per gallon = 44.4 gallons of gas per month ….. X $3.75/gallon = $166/month

As you can see, hypermiling has the potential to save us anywhere from $20-$41/month. We will continue to track this over the next month or so to see how things work out.

Now that I have talked about what my husband is doing to cut back on our gas expenses, what am I doing? I am staying home more. This is difficult for me because I like to be out and about, but with the weather getting nicer, I have found it isn’t so bad. My daughter loves to play outside, so we have been going for walks, and playing in the yard more. Just getting outside makes me feel like we have gone somewhere as opposed to sitting inside all day.

Some other things we are doing is traveling out of town to see family less, revising our vacation plans by going somewhere closer to home, and trying to make use of fuel perks/bonuses at our local grocery stores.

What about you? Are you doing anything either minor or drastic to cut back on your monthly fuel expenses?

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