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by Marcy on April 5, 2008 · 0 comments

I love watching the Today Show in the morning, but with a 2 year old running around and things to tend to, I usually just hear snippets here and there. Yesterday morning I watched a little bit of a segment about saving money. One of the women stated that only 1% of coupons are redeemed each year. I’m not sure where that stat came from, or the particulars, but I was really surprised at that number…especially with all of the frugal blogs and couponing sites out there! I just assumed that a lot of people clipped and used coupons. I have pretty much always clipped coupons (not to the extent that I do now), even when our income was double what it is right now . I feel like I am throwing away money when I don’t use them…but maybe that is just me. :)

I decided to check out the Today Show online to see if they had posted the info that I only half heard on TV. Here are a couple of interesting articles that I found:

* Affordable American Getaways (I was excited to see Columbus listed as an affordable getaway…I know I am biased since I live here, but I really do think that Columbus has much more to offer than what people might think. )

* Finding lost money: 5 ways to fatten your wallet (Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to turn up any missing funds using the site recommended in the “Finding Lost Money” article. Maybe you’ll have better luck. One can dream, right? ) You can also watch the “Finding lost money” segment here.

And now, back to that coupon stat (only 1% are redeemed each year?!?):

Do you use coupons? How frequently? And where do you find them?

As for me, I now use coupons pretty much every time I shop. I even look for coupons to restaurants and clothing stores when I can. I find my coupons online (check out my favorite sites on the left hand side of my blog), in magazines and in my Sunday newspaper.

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