Planning Shopping Trips – What do you do?

by Marcy on April 22, 2008 · 0 comments

Last week Terri stopped by and left a question for me in the comments to one of my posts. She asked if I do all of my shopping 1-2 days/week, or if I just go sporadically? Because I knew I would end up writing a book if I answered in the comments section, I decided to turn this question into a post.

Terri, I wish I could say that I was one of those organized people who have a specific day of the week that they do all of their shopping. I really do. And when I shopped at only one store and had an infant that would sleep while shopping, I did have more of a routine. But now that I am shopping multiple places, I can’t seem to make it to all of them in one trip. Well that and the fact that taking my 2 year old to the store is becoming a bit more challenging because she wants to run everywhere. :-) Not to mention the fact that both my daughter and I crave social interaction, and often have our weeks packed full of things to do. Things which often don’t include grocery shopping, unfortunately!

I do tend to shop sporadically right now, and it is driving me crazy. I am fortunate that my CVS, Walgreens, Giant Eagle and Kroger are all in the same vicinity so I don’t have to travel far from home to shop at any of these stores. But I do know that I am wasting gas money and time by not setting specific times/days to shop. One of my newer goals for myself is to get a better handle on my schedule and what I am doing with my time. This includes shopping. And working out. And cleaning my house. Among other things. I’m hoping to discuss this more in future posts.

As for you, do you have a set routine when it comes to your shopping? How do you manage your time? What tools have provided useful to you when it comes to managing your household?

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