Outlet Shopping – What do you think?

by Marcy on April 28, 2008 · 0 comments

This weekend when my husband and I were away, we stopped by an outlet mall to look for some new clothes for him. Normally I am not a huge fan of outlet shopping, but I think we had a pretty successful trip today.

We purchased several items for my husband at the Gap outlet. Here is what we found:

* Cargo Shorts – $20.99
* Jeans – $24.99
* T-Shirt – $4.99
* T-Shirt – $8.99
* Leather Flip Flops – $14.99

Total before tax was $74.95

Tonight I logged on to gap.com to see if I could find the same items, and what their prices were. I was able to find the same or similar products on gap.com. While I can’t say that they are of the same quality, the items on gap.com totaled $146.50. If I am truly comparing apples to apples, we saved almost 50% today on these items.

While there, we also checked out a few other stores to do some comparison shopping. I did find a pair of shoes that I purchased a few months ago for $30 less than what I bought them for. However, they are more fall/winter shoes, and it is obviously a different season now.

As I mentioned, I am not typically a fan of outlet shopping, for several reasons:

1) I hate when things are made specifically for the outlet store. I could be wrong, but if I see that something was made for the outlet I automatically think it is of lesser quality

2) They are very hit or miss (you can’t go looking for something specific)

3) Most of the outlets I could shop at are more than 50 miles from me (is the gas $ worth the savings?)

4) “Irregular” when it comes to clothing can make for a frustrating shopping day

Today we seemed to luck out, but I am still skeptical when it comes to outlet stores.

What do you think? Do you like to shop at outlets? Do you think (or know) that outlet stores are always filled with inferior or lesser quality items? I would love to hear any input you have about this!

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