Cell Phone Overage

by Marcy on April 24, 2008 · 0 comments

My husband and I have our cell phones through Verizon. Today when I logged on to see what my account balance was, I realized that we are over by 200 minutes this month!! YIKES…that is approx. $90 by my calculations. That is a lot of money for a stupid mistake on my part.

I started freaking out and berating myself for not paying attention to how much I have been talking on my cell phone. Then I called Verizon to see if they could up my plan temporarily to help cut down on this $90 overage expense (I have done this in the past).

The sales rep I talked to informed me that they have a program where if you extend your contract for one year, they will give you 500 “overage” minutes to use in a 12 month period for those months that you go over. Which for me, can be quite often if I am not paying attention. I have no idea if this applies to all cell phone plans…it is possible that I was offered this because we are close to the end of our contract. I was so desperate to get rid of the $90 charge that I didn’t mind to extend my contract for one year.

The moral of this story: if you are over on your cell phone minutes and are worried about the extra expense, call your cell phone provider. It never hurts to ask them if you have any options to bring down your overage expense. Calling and asking just saved me at least $90. It was also a good kick in the pants to let me know that I need to start paying attention to how much I am using my cell phone…

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