My Saturday Sippy Cup Review

by Marcy on March 1, 2008 · 3 comments

sippy cup reviews

Sippy Cup Review

In the past two years, I have been amazed at the number of things I have had to “learn as I go” when it comes to having and raising kids. This is going to sound trivial, but one thing that has consistently annoyed me in this “learning as I go” process are sippy cups. I hate to think about how much money I have wasted on leaky, poor quality sippy cups over the last year or so. Therefore, I thought it might be helpful to share my opinions for those of you who haven’t yet reached the sippy cup stage. I am also looking for your favorites so that I can try something new!

Here is my rundown of the cups I have used for my daughter, and what I think of them. These are my personal and honest opinions…I’m not getting paid any money to endorse a particular product – although this post does contain affiliate links.

These are listed in no particular order – my sippy cup review:

munchkin sippy cup review

1) Munchkin Insulated Sippy Cups with Straws

I have just recently begun using these cups. I thought they would be a good transition cup, on our way to using “big girl” cups. In my experience so far, these cups do not leak, keep liquids cold for an hour or two, and clean well. On the downside, they do seem to be more difficult to get liquid out of (sometimes my daughter gets mad that she can’t get her drink out fast enough) and the straw is a little difficult to put back into the cup after cleaning it in the dishwasher. My overall take: Neutral, I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either. I need to use these longer in order to form a stronger opinion about them.

nuby sippy cup review

2) Nuby Sippy Cups

I had high hopes for these cups, I really did. These came out a month or so after I started introducing the cup to my daughter. I used these a lot in the month or so after I weaned her from the bottle. These cups were great transition cups because the top resembles a bottle nipple. I didn’t have any issues with these leaking at first either. They are also really easy to clean because there is no valve to worry about. The problem with these cups starts after the kids start getting teeth, and after prolonged use. After maybe 4 months of use, I noticed that these cups started leaking really bad. I eventually realized that my daughter was chewing on them, which tore a hole in between the openings where the liquid comes out of the cup. Within a 2 week period I had to throw all of my Nuby cups away. I might have been able to buy replacement tops, but didn’t want to deal with it. My overall take: Liked them at first, but would not recommend buying a lot of these for long term use. Looking back, I would only purchase 1 or 2 of these to use as transition cups from the bottle to a cup with a harder plastic mouthpiece.

3) Disposable Cups from Target

These are fairly inexpensive and are great to have on hand for those places where you don’t want to worry about losing (or cleaning) a sippy cup. The downside to these cups are that they leak a lot (I use these only for water), and the lid pops off easily (especially when thrown). My overall take: Like them, although there is definitely a time and a place for these. If you use them for water and for certain circumstances, they perform well enough for the price.

4) Gerber Sippy Cups

I despise these cups. I despise these cups, and oh, did I mention that I despise these cups? These cups are my entire reason for writing this post. I can’t wait to throw these cups away and buy different ones. They don’t leak, but my biggest beef with these cups is how poorly they wash up. All of the Gerber cups I have purchased have a round white valve that you insert into the lid. No matter how many times I run these valves through the dishwasher, soak them in vinegar or hot soapy water, or scrub them with a bottle brush, I cannot get the grungy black goo to come out of them. On the up side, it did take awhile before I started noticing this black gunk…and not all of my Gerber valves have done this. But a majority of them have. If you have any tips for cleaning these valves, please let me know. In the meantime, my overall take on these is: Yuck. Need I say more?
I LOVE these cups! These are my favorite cups by far. They are a little more expensive if my memory serves me right, but they are worth the money! I love that they are a little larger than most cups (great for when your kids get older and start drinking more), keep liquid cold for an hour or two, do not leak, and wash up really well. There is a clear valve that you insert into the lid. I remove this and put it in my dishwasher basket on the top shelf of the dishwasher when washing. Sometimes after running the dishwasher I do have to rinse the valves under the faucet to clean out stuff that has settled into them, but they always come clean. I have noticed lately that the outside pictures are starting to bubble up and may peel off, but that is only a cosmetic issue. My overall take: Love Them! I am hoping to use some Babies/Toys R Us coupons that I have to buy a few more of these, but you can find great prices on Amazon too.


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What have your experiences been with sippy cups? Which cups do you use and love? Please leave a comment…I know that I would appreciate the advice, and maybe someone else would too! :)

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1 Jes July 31, 2009 at 4:02 PM

Thanks for this post, I’m searching for a better sippy cup as my 19 mo. old son loves shaking his take and toss cups upside down all over the house. My daughter who is now 4 did great with the take and toss. There is also an insulated version; the lids didn’t come off as easily when dropped and the plastic is harder to chew and crack.

I had the same issue with the soft nuby cups, and they only lasted us a month or so. When they start leaking, it is so messy!

I have some others from Walmart, but I don’t remember the brand. They were only a dollar and lids screw on with a valve in the top. It looks kind of like a sports cup, but doesn’t open and close. They work pretty well, and don’t leak a lot (unless he’s really determined). It took awhile for my son to figure out how to suck the liquid out since he was used to the take and toss kind. They are starting to get ugly (from teeth on the hard plastic spout) and one of them has a leak in the lid probably from being thrown onto the tile floor.

My thought on cleaning valves:
Try soaking in vinegar water before putting in the dishwasher. Bleach is a good idea too. Same with getting the smells to go away.

I’m going to go get some of those Playtex ones and see if they can handle all the shaking.


2 Anonymous December 5, 2009 at 8:37 PM

I know you posted this almost two years ago, but I thought I would add that I have the same issue with you and cups. I went through SO many that my family actually has BANNED me from buying any more!

With regular spout sippy cups, you are right on about the playtex. We loved them, too. We also used the Gerber ones a little but, but I found they leaked after a while. And the straw cups we now use were a nightmare. Munchkin straws were always impossible to sip from. Playtex is also another favorite for straws here, but the only problem I have is the straw winds up an inch from the bottom of the cup! I waste so much milk! We also Use the First Years straw cups with the wide straw- don’t leak, easy assembly, cute designs, lightweight so it’s easy to hold. And now her new choice is Nuby straw cups- my only gripe was that the design of the straw requires the baby to actually sort of bite down a little in order to get the liquid out. I would think it was a bad habit for babies who are learning, but most of the time I think babies can’t actually get it to work. She didn’t for a long time, but then one day got it and won’t really use any other cups for the time being. She still can use a regular straw without biting though so I guess it’s not teaching her bad habits. Oh well! I think it’s amazing how the littlest things are such a pain!

3 mary August 21, 2012 at 10:20 AM

The Gerber Sippy cups are the absolute BEST EVER!! To clean the white valve you simply pull it out of the lid and wash it. We have used these for many years and they never leak. They will definitely outlast your child.

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