Frustrated with Walgreens

by Marcy on March 15, 2008 · 0 comments

I went to Walgreens tonight to use up the last of my 3, $4 register rewards coupons. (You can read about how I earned them here).

Last week, I split my purchases into 2 transactions so that I could use 2 of my $4 coupons. I was able to combine one $4 coupon with a $3 off manufacturer’s coupon to receive a total of $7 off of a 3 pack of electric toothbrush heads. I used the other $4 coupon along with some manufacturer’s coupons to purchase a few other random items that were on sale. I had no issues.

Tonight I picked up the items I wanted to purchase and went to check out. I asked the clerk (one I hadn’t seen before), if I could split my purchases into 3 transactions so that I could use up my remaining coupons (they expire on Monday). That is when the clerk informed me that the store manager had told her that you can only use 1 register rewards coupon per day, per customer. Mind you I have used register rewards coupons in the past, and never had an issue. I thought this was ridiculous. I paid for the participating products to earn the rewards, and now the store is making it difficult for me to use them? I told the clerk I only wanted one pack of diapers, she rang me up and I left. And then I did what any other mature adult would do and went to the car and sent my husband back into the store armed with a $4 coupon and instructions on what to purchase.

Both of us had issues using manufacturer’s coupons in addition to the register rewards. They price adjusted my product to compensate me for my coupon that wouldn’t ring. My husband didn’t challenge them and just used the $4 store coupon.

I am already waiting to see if Walgreens will correct their error and send me the $8 in register rewards that I am owed (again see previous post if you want details). So my experience tonight just added to my frustrations.

While I was still able to get decent deals with the coupons I used, I am upset because this is a matter of principle. If a store is going to advertise “deals”, then they need to be aware that some people will take the time to figure out the best way to spend them (i.e. use them with manufacturer’s coupons and on sale items). It is not my issue if the store feels like it is losing money (which they aren’t), as long as I am playing by the rules and not trying to pull one over on them (I am not). They need to set clear policies that do not vary by store, put them in the ad or in the store so that their customers are aware of the “rules”, and then they need to stick to them, period.

After I spend my remaining $4 coupon (yet another trip down there before Monday), it is going to take a lot to get me back into one of their stores. Which is a shame because I did like shopping there. And in true Meredith fashion, I will also be writing a (polite) letter to Walgreens, letting them know about my frustrations.

Sorry for the rant. I normally try to stay positive on this blog, but think it is only fair to share my experiences, both good and bad.

How about you? Are you having any issues with your register rewards, or are your purchases working out ok?

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