I Have Been Tagged by Angie at Thrifty Florida Mama

by Marcy on February 19, 2008 · 0 comments

I have been tagged by Angie at Thrifty Florida Mama for my first ever meme. So of course I had to participate! :)

1. What is the one BIG goal you hope to accomplish this week? Getting my house cleaned and everything ready for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party on Saturday.

2. What is the one household chore you do NOT like to do? Cleaning showers and bath tubs!

3. What would you buy if someone gave you $2,000.00? (all debts and bills paid) A new couch/loveseat/chair set for my living room. My current set is 8 years old and has seen better days!

4. Describe yourself using one word. Chatty. :)

5. What is the one saying or theme that you live by? It could always be worse…just look around (you often don’t have to look very far…).

6. What is the one household item you can NOT live without? The dishwasher. I hate washing dishes almost as much as I hate cleaning showers and bath tubs.

7. If you had one chance to go any where in the world where would you go? Australia

8. List the one person you admire the most. This is a hard one….my grandma who was my best friend and who I miss dearly is probably on the top of my list, along with my husband and mom.

9. What is one thing people may not know about you? I used to be a computer programmer, but I have little patience for making my blog “fancy”. Go figure.

I am tagging Kacie at Sense to Save, Kim at Neatokimmo, and Jennifer at All Things Frugal. Be sure to check out their awesome blogs when you get a chance! :)

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