Grocery Budget Challenge – Feb. Month End Recap

by Marcy on February 26, 2008 · 0 comments

Well it is time for me to confess where I ended up for the month when it comes to sticking to my grocery budget.

My budget for February was $300 which is an average of $75/week. My actual spending through today (2/26) is $426.57. Ouch. I am $126.57 over for the month which is an average of $31.64/week.

As far as manufacturer’s coupons go, I saved $147.08 this month (this includes what the stores will double, but does not include CVS store coupons). I think that is pretty awesome.

So why did I miss my target by so much? Basically it boils down to the fact that I didn’t cut back on my spending enough at the beginning of the month to compensate for the extra food expenses of 2 birthday parties at the end of the month. All that I can do is start over next month, right? At first I was thinking that I should try to adjust my budget next month to offset my overspending for this month. But then I realized that a better (and more realistic) goal would be to try to hit my initial $75/week goal – since I have yet to hit it this year!

All of that being said, I’m not beating myself over the head about it. While I do take budgeting seriously, I know that variances will occur. Fortunately our budget can absorb this overage. I’m bummed that I can’t add extra to savings this month, but will try harder next month. And on the up side, my pantry is crammed full of food which should help me out tremendously next month! :)

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