New Year, New Grocery Budget

by Marcy on January 2, 2008 · 0 comments

When I was a childless, working gal, I gave no thought at all to what I spent at the grocery. I’m sure that appalls those of you who were born with the frugal gene, but it is true. I would go to the store, meander through the aisles, and throw whatever looked good into my cart. I rarely paid attention to my total. I often ended up throwing away half of it when the week was over. And then I would start all over again the following week. I didn’t shop around, I was all about convenience.

Flash forward to now. I am appalled myself when I think back to how careless and wasteful I was. Even though I had the money to spend, I should have been wiser with it. I could have saved so much!

Many blessings have come my way since quitting my job a year ago to stay at home with Gracie. However one of the biggest blessings (besides being with my daughter, of course) has been that I now pay attention. To the way I am living my life. To a budget. To saving. To not being wasteful.

With my job went 47% of our household income. Yes I miss the level of financial security we once had. Yes I miss some of the “extras”. But I would much rather be present in my life. I would much rather strive for a simpler life. My focus is now where I want it – on my family.

And so after a year of cutting back, I am revising our grocery budget yet again. I am going to shoot for $75/week ($300/month) for all of our groceries and household products. Now that I have found Crystal’s blog and a few others to help me out, I think that this amount should be more than realistic for 2 adults and 1 toddler. I’ll keep you posted on my progess!

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